Friday, July 31, 2009

39: haul

Hi Guys

Gosh I've been updating a lot haven't I? Anyways in my 37th post I talked about some online e-tailers. Mainly one of them was for my Aussie nail fanatics! I ordered 5 items..

1 yellow armrest with removable terry cloth cover
1 portable mini nail dryer
1 clear manicure bowl
1 heart shaped dappen dish
1 star shaped dappen dish (you can never have enough cute dappen dishes!)

Just to let you guys know I placed my order with them on late Wednesday night. They called me Thursday morning to confirm the order and I recieved my package today (which is Friday) at 12pm!!! Which was only 30 minutes ago! I was so excited I opened my package right away but I was upset to find this..

My star shaped dappen dish had been broken during shipping :(

I really didn't know what to do because I've never recieved a damaged product before so I decided to call Nailtech. I spoke to Lisa again and asked her if we should sue the courrier company (I was obviously distraught lol) but she laughed and insisted that she would send me a new one free of charge :D

Anyways on to the other good stuff..

Meeka is just as excited as I was!

This is the cutest thing! A baby yellow armrest and it's so soft too. When it gets dirty I can take off the cover and wash it as well :D

This is a portable nail dryer! I haven't tested it out yet but I'll let you girls know if it's good when I get the batteries! I'm thinking of covering up the 'Nail Dryer' symbol with rhinestones. What do you guys think?

My manicure bowl in clear. Nice and simple!

My heart shaped dappen dish <3>

I'll take another picture of the star shaped dappen dish when it arrives. I'm so happy with these purchases. I paid $30.45AUD including shipping for all 5 items so that's a big bonus :D

PS. On a side note. I've been a huge Etsy freak buying everything in site. This week I wanted to buy new bedsheets and came across a very special seller. His name on Etsy is 'Kind Supplier'. Isn't that just adorable?! And look at his shop for all the lovely fabrics!
I'm thinking about buying some patterns to make cute pillows or seat cushions. Do you girls like his print fabrics?


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