Thursday, July 30, 2009

38: Random

Hi Guys!

I just came back from the movies with my boyfriend. We watched Bruno. Ok I'll just leave it at that because I know that people are split right down the middle with this movie. I spoke to 3 of my coworkers today and they hated it. Then again last week I asked 4 of my friends and they thought it was funny. I laughed but I think there was too much nudity. Most of the people in the theatre laughed so I guess they enjoyed it.

Anyways I have an announcement:

Well not really because many of you already know her. Asami. She's the writer of 'My Manicure' and 'Nails by Asami'. She is my true hero :) Back when I started getting in to nail polish hers was the first blog I found. I was so happy to find her blog because she had such great tutorials! It's like having a private lesson at home. And her pictures are really great quality (which is always a plus). When she decided to take a break from blogging I was devastated and still checked her blog everyday to see if she came back. It's a bit late but I'm happy to sasy that she's finally back again! Yayyy :) And she even left a comment on my Strawberry nails post! I'm such a nerd I'm so excited about that. Anyways welcome back Asami!

PS. If you're not familiar with her then click on this link to go to her site..



  1. hi joyceee how are u hun?
    Ive heard bruno is a bit rude lol not sure if im game enuff to go see it.
    Thanx for the link

  2. I didn't see his other movie until it was out on DVD. I'm going to wait for this one also. I didn't think I'd like it because of all the hype. I thought it was hilarious. I thought the wrestling scene was gross. What am I going to think when I see Bruno and there's loads of nudity. I really want to wait on that. Glad you let us know that Asami is back. I already added her back to my list.

  3. Hi Skye!

    Gosh Bruno hahahahh I don't know what to say but hahahahh. There was one scene where it was totally inappropriate and it was when he goes to see a 'psychic'. If you do watch the movie then please be prepared to be a bit grossed out :p

  4. Hey Lucy :D

    Nudity. MALE NUDITY if you catch my drift. At times I was a bit grossed out but I can usually handle this type of humour because I'm just a bit weird haha. I think waiting for it to come out on DVD would be a good idea. The reason why I wanted to watch it so much was because I absolutely adore Sacha Baron Cohen and his Ali-G!

  5. I hate to say it but this is definitely something you could pay me to watch lol.

    I love Asami too, she has the best tutorials! I can't wait to whats next.

  6. KAE!

    LOL your comment made me laugh :D I really don't know what to say or how to review it. To be honest though I think I do like it. To come up with something like this is just genius :P