Tuesday, July 14, 2009

27: Jay Chou concert

Hi Guys

I wanted to post this for some of the girls. Mainly the Jay Chou fans out there. My boyfriend and I went to his Sydney concert on July 3rd and it was pretty amazing! I managed to take pictures and record 2 or 3 songs (but I wasn't supposed to shhh). Hope you enjoy it! Also the last picture is a picture of some guy and Jay Chou after the concert. That random guy is my good friend Jason and believe it or not he was Jay's bodyguard for 5 days while he was here in Sydney! He ate with Jay, slept near Jay, went shopping with Jay and guided Jay to the washrooms! Jason even managed to get a signed poster for me and Kadi :)

Acer Arena was filled that night!

There were huge screens with chinese subtitles so everyone could sing along to his songs! So karaoke :D

Kadi's enjoying the concert with cup of beer :p

Jay and his posse (Nan Quan MaMa singer)

Nan Quan MaMa's Lara and Chase? (I'm not sure about all the members)

One of his dancers proposed on stage to his girlfriend! You would think she accepted but we actually don't know her final answer :/

Jay and his drums :)

Jay and his guzheng (a traditional chinese musical instrument)

During the final song of the night he performed Nunchucks again this time in the original format and in the end he threw his nunchucks to a lucky fan! Now I know what you're thinking *WOW THAT'S SO NICE OF HIM. I'M SO JEALOUS OF THE FAN WHO CAUGHT IT*. Think again. We're talking REAL wood sticks and metal chain nunchucks I mean that would hurt! Why couldn't he just throw a hat or something you know anything but a dangerous weapon. But still everyone went crazy and it was totally awesome!


Jay Chou - Silence

Jay and his piano :D

Jay Chou - Nunchucks (alternate version)

Jay and his guitar :))

The thing I love about Jay Chou is his ability to sing live. Once the piano came out his fans hit the roof. It was the loudest screams I've ever heard! He likes to change his songs too. For example a lot of the songs we heard that night had a lot of ad libbing! He would sing things like "It's great to be in Sydney" or "Are you guys having fun?" and sneak it into his songs. It was fun night!

PS. I had dinner with Jason the other night and I asked him about Jay Chou. He told me he isn't how the media portrays him. He told me that Jay is really nice. He laughs a lot and likes to play with everyone on his team.

PPS. Jason also told me that Leehom Wang is coming to Sydney in March 2010!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Wow that place was packed! Looked like a really great time. When I first read the nunchuck part the first thing in my head was if this happened in America is: lawsuit! lol...

  2. Looks like an amazing night!

    I just nominated you for an award on my blog!

  3. Hi Kae!

    Gosh it was soooo hot in there. So many Asians haha I felt like I was back in China :p. I know about the nunchucks thing I would totally sue too! But then again I'd secretly be happy inside thinking that I got Jay Chou's nunchucks lol xx

  4. Hi Millie!

    We had quite a fun night. Sweetie thanks so much for that cute award! You're super great :D

  5. I'm usually a lurker, I love reading your blog but I feel the need to comment right now because I am OVERCOME with jealousy! I really wanted to go but I couldn't (I live in Brisbane and I had some stuff on during the concert so I couldn't fly down). Siiiigh, it looked good too!

  6. Hi Tiff!

    Aww it's such a shame you couldn't make it. I don't want to make you feel bad but the concert was pretty cool! He did say that he might be touring again next year! So maybe you can come for that :D What about Leehom do you like his music? He's going to be in Sydney in March!



    He plays so many intruments omg and the GUITAR CLIP OMG SO HOT *kyaaaa*

    you must had tons of fun there from the feel of the vids. Super glad you posted some vids (lols i salute you for having the guts to do so cuz im a wimp and am always afraid of getting kicked out XD).

    omg omg omg he's really as cool as I imagined and I'm liking his nunchuks alternate version ALOT *____*

    Am so gonna buy the concert album. My daddy thinks I'm crazy with my collection lols but its the only music buy which I have no regretted over the years :p

    JAY CHOU <3

  8. Lol don't like Leehom... I only like one song of his, ironically it is called 'Wei Yi', like it's his 'wei yi' good song haha... damn I am lame.

    But he said he might be coming so I will cling onto that hope haha!

  9. Hi Tiff!

    Man your comments are friggen hilarious! 'Wei Yi IS a good song :) I like him quite a lot cause I think he's quite talented too! But yeah my friend Jason told me that he might be touring again next year so I hope if he does come you'll be able to see him then! Since my friend is working with the company I'll give you a heads up if he tells me anything :D xx