Friday, July 24, 2009

31: Beverly Beaute haul and NOTD

Hello Wonderful People..

Sorry I haven't been updating or commenting lately but I've been super tired for some reason. Maybe it's because of the cold weather? Aaanyways I also didn't want to post a lot of stupid little one liners so I waited until today to share my most recent haul from :D

I'm not sure about the rest of you guys but since I'm living in Australia at the moment I find that a lot of US suppliers don't like to ship internationally. But luckily I found a great site that ships to Australia for a flat rate of $19 (used to be $12). Flat rate for those of you who don't know means that no matter how many items you order or how heavy the package is the shipping rate will only be the flat rate which is $19. Honestly I think that's pretty great for shipping to Australia. I've ordered from Beverly Beaute once before and this was my 2nd time. Shipping is fast I think my package arrived in approx. 5 days or so? And they have a wide selection of the brands I'm familiar with. The first time I ordered through this website I purchased about 12 OPI nail polishes but this time I wanted to stock up on nail and cuticle care. Have you guys tried any of these? Would you recommend it?..

CND's cuticle remover: Cuticle Away. 177ml worth!

CND's cuticle pusher. On the website this was listed as CND's cuticle pusher but when I recieved it I saw that it was by Body Toolz and not CND. Weird.

CND's Cuticle Eraser. I ended up getting the huge one because I think it was only a $7 difference!

I've been using OPI's Nail Envy for a while now and the bottle is almost empty so I wanted to see what other nail strengtheners were out on the market. I came across China Glaze's Calcium Gel Fortifier and I remember reading on All Lacquered Up's blog that this was a great strengthener! I hope it works for my poor nails too.

Base coats are always super important to us girls who love nail polish! I used to use OPI's base coat but since my mom cleaned my room a few months ago I have no idea where it went. Instead of bumming over the loss I decided to test out 2 very popular base coats. I asked my nail teacher if CND's Stickey was a good base coat and she said yes (she's a CND ambassador btw) but she preferred CND's Toughen Up.

Another beloved base coat to many swatchers seemed to be Orly's Bonder so I decided to order this one as well because I could never find it at my local nail supply store. I hope it works well :)

Last but not least.. Seche Restore! If any of you girls have used Seche Vite I'm sure that you're familiar with your bottle drying up fast. I convinced myself that I had to buy a super huge Seche Restore to give new life to my old Seche Vites since I love that top coat soo much!

As a bonus gift (since I spent more than $100) I recieved a nice baby blue mesh bag with a nail file, orangewood stick, toe separator, buffing block, and sample of CND's Sensations hand lotion in Chocolate-Covered Cherries. This stuff is amazing I wanted to eat it when I tested it on my hands. I went to nail class today and told Megumi (my nail teacher) about the lotion and she told me she loves Sensations too! She got me to try the Citrus and Green Tea scent and I was fully hooked. I even asked her to order a full sized bottle for me :) It smells like heaven!

After nail class today I had some time left before I met my boyfriend for dinner so I decided to visit a nail supply store in the City. It's not as cheap as the one in Bankstown but I did manage too find some cheap stuff. I think..

A frosted dappen dish for monomer. I've always adored Mitsue's heart shaped dappen dish but as hard as I searched I could not find the same one so I ended up settling for this one. The metal cover looks kinda ugly so I think I'm going to cover it up with some rhinestones. We'll see how that goes.

Plastic liquid dropper. I bought this to pick up monomer from it's original bottle. I didn't have this the first time I tried to pour monomer into a dappen dish and a lot of the monomer was spilt onto the floor.

I'll try to update for you guys again soon! I ordered another 6 L.A. Colors Nail Art Deco polishes and they should arrive any day now! See you guys then I'm off to do my nails now :D I'll leave you with my half-assed NOTD..



  1. joyce i love your little haul those polishes look great,u will have to review them...And i like ur notd very cute

  2. You bought some great things for your nails. I have the Cuticle Erase and it works great(if you use it!). Your nails look pretty, not half-assed. Chocolate Covered Cherry lotion sounds delicious to me. Might be tempted to lick your fingers.

  3. Ooh very nice haul. You will have to tell me how that China Glaze strengthener works, I need one badly (I bent a nail in half making coffee this morning). Mmm I wish I could smell that lotion, citrus and green tea sounds yummy too!
    Your nails look cute! Stay bundled up over there :)

  4. Hi Skye!

    I'm using the China Glaze one right now and I'll let you know how it goes. I hope it works and makes my nails stronger :D

  5. Hi Lucy :D

    Gosh I seriously could not stop smelling my hands last night! You should definitely give Sensations a try they're all great! That mani was cute in my opinion but I rushed it and ruined it because after the top coat I really had to scratch my nose and then all the tips were smudged lol. I tried Cuticle Eraser last night and OMG I'm loving it! My cuticle area is so nice and clean xx

  6. Hi Kae <3

    Thanks for such a nice comments! I've missed talking to you! I will definitely keep you posted on the nail hardener. I'm really hoping this one works well because I think my nails have gotten used to Nail Envy so it didn't work well for me anymore. I tried it last night and it was just average but we'll see how it goes! I'm sorry to hear that you bent your nail making coffee this morning. I know it's traumatic but hope you can recover soon! As for the Sesations lotion gosh I couldn't sleep last night because I was so distracted by the yummy smell! They have so many different 'flavours' and they all smell great! xx

  7. Great haul ! I have CND's Cuticle Eraser and I love using it, and also know what you're talking about Swche drying up fast, so I'm curious to hear about that restore. I would also love to hear about China Glaze's Calcium Gel Fortifier :-)
    Wow, that is so fun all these new things - have fun with them :-)

  8. Hi TULI!

    I've tried it only once and gosh I'm loving it so far :D It's cold here in Sydney right now and I think my Seche Vite is drying up fast because of the cold weather. I've used the Seche Thinner and it's going well but I'll have to test it out some more. I'll try to review all of the products when I have some time xx

  9. Hi,

    I live in UK and I ordered with beverly beaute and it was a horrible experience!! They charged me twice even though I emailed straight after I ordered to cancel the duplicate order...
    Their customer service is sooo bad! They never respond to email AT ALL!! Neither do they send any confirmation email for order/ payment or dispatch. It was very bad experience and I'm still waiting for my varnishes to come through... I'm sticking with my UK websites thanks very much!!

  10. Hi Anonymous :)

    I'm so sorry to hear that about your shopping experience! That sucks. My experience was great and they replied to my shipping questions the next day. My biggest concern overall (because I live in Australia) was the shipping. I liked how they had a flat rate and the amount of time it took to get here I think was reasonable. A lot of my Ebay purchases arrive in the same amount of time.

    I think you should go on to a general beauty forum and let people know about your experience. I blogged about it because I know a few Aussie nail polish junkies and I would recommend this site because I've had a positive experience but if you're not happy with the UK branch then you should definitely let other UK-ers know about it :D

    Thanks for letting me know about your experience!

  11. I'd agree with the other UK reviewer (wish I'd looked at reviews before placing order). BB haven't replied to any of my emails and haven't received the products but they've charged me. BUYER BEWARE!

  12. UK buyers: definitely avoid Beverly Beaute UK like the other reviewers said! My payment is still pending even though I cancelled my order straight away.

    They do reply to emails but it's always from a different hotmail/yahoo account rather than their customer service email accounts. They told me they had cancelled my order and payment and obviously they haven't (checked with my Bank several times).

    Although when I email them, they always say they've processed the cancellation and it will take "2-3 days" to appear. This has being going on for over 2-3 days!

    Please be careful when ordering from them - it doesn't look like I'll get my money back anytime soon!

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  14. I have ordered from Beverley Beaute TWICE and have been extremely pleased with them. I am in the UK..! Each order over £100 and everything great. Try not to listen to scaremongering from the UK nail techs,BB is a great site. Happy Polishing x

    1. How long did it take, because i have orded from there about 3 weeks ago and it still has not come. Do you think that it is maybe because the site is an american site...

      Tbank you 4 ur time, please reply soon!

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