Monday, July 6, 2009

19: NOTD

Hi Bloggers :)

I haven't been doing anything special with my nails lately because I'm a super lazy bum but I did want to show everyone my nail of the day. I did this last night at around 1am lol. I actually like it a lot because it's nice and sparkly and it makes me a bit happier whenever I look down at my hands :)

These are the 2 colours I used for my manicure. OPI Princesses Rule! and OPI Happy Anniversary!

I didn't want the same colour on all my fingers so I used another colour on my ring finger. Thumb, index, middle and ring fingers are all painted with OPI Happy Anniversary! and my ring finger was painted with OPI Princesses Rule! I used 3 coats and you can still easily see my natural nails but if you want it to be opaque then I guess a 4th or 5th coat will do. This picture was taken without flash.

Taken with flash. In this picture my ring finger really stands out. OPI Princesses Rule! is a beautiful and sweet baby pink with lots of shimmer. It's very girly.

I'll see you guys and update soon. I have to help my dummy boyfriend find a computer store to fix is 4 year old crummy pc. I think he might've damaged it somewhere while he was moving it into my room lol.



  1. Princesses Rule is one of my all-time favourite polishes. I might have to get a back-up of this one... It is girly and sweet and makes one feel happy when you look at your nails - just as you said. Cute idea to combine it with Happy Anniversary! I painted my 3-year old niece's toe nails with Princesses Rule and she showed everyone her 'sparkly toes' lol

  2. These polishes are so beautiful and that was a cute idea to paint your ring finger with another color :-) I like it a lot !

  3. Hi again !
    I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! :-)

  4. I just adore Princesses Rule! Just the perfect sparkly girly pink. The other shade is also pretty. Your so funny about your boyfriend.

  5. Hi Avroys :D

    I totally agree with you I totally love Princesses rules! I think it'll be a great glitter top coat even for plain french manicures to make it a bit more stylish! You should try that sometime and let me know how it goes. Your neice sounds so cute! I love babies heheh xx

  6. Hi Tuli!

    I think it's a nice and different idea to paint a random colour on 1 finger. It's just not the 'norm' lol. But I like to make sure that the colours are similar to each other and not total opposites cause then that would just look a bit random wouldn't it. You should try experimenting :)

    ps. Thank you so much for that blog award. It is really cute! xx

  7. Hi Lucy..

    I know what you mean. I actually just bought Princesses Rules! on my recent haul and I've beat myself over how I could've missed this gorgeous colour. I love how it's pink AND glittery haha. The other colour I used is Happy Anniversary and I really like using it to jazz up a plain manicure. The silver glitter just looks posh :)

    My boyfriend is a big dummy lol. We just have such a funny/random/great relationship :p