Tuesday, July 7, 2009

20: Colourful plaid

Hi Girlies!

I got bored and I decided to play around with my LA Colors Art Deco nail art polishes. They're very nice and really fun to play aound with. This is my first time using a thin striped brush and I think it's very easy to use and control although I will need some more practice making the stripes straighter. For this design I used OPI Alpine Snow as my base colour (this was 3 coats) and then used the nail art polishes to create thin stripes making it a plaid looking pattern. They're very plain and simple to do!

This was taken with a flash. I wasn't entirely happy with the look. I found it to be a bit tacky. So I decided to add 1 thin coat of OPI Happy Anniversary to the design.

Taken with flash. This is the completed look. What do you guys think? Do you like it plain or with the silver glitter?

PS. Tuli from http://tulinail.blogspot.com/ gave me a super duper cute award. And Skye from http://nailz-in-aus.blogspot.com/ also gave me a nail blog award about a month ago. I love it Tuli and Skye thank you so much! I think I'll fill out one of those award things when I have more time :D

PPS. Skye sweetie here's a picture of Pronail Supply.

I was going to take picture of the inside for you but I totally forgot and went crazy choosing all my colours! I swear that place is the same as Disneyland for nail polish addicts. OKOK it sounds amazing which it is but remember that they also might not have everything you're looking for. I hope you find some great treasures!



  1. joycee thats soo sweeettt of you mwah i love the pic hehehehe! Ur such a sweetie,thank you so muchhh =p

  2. I love the plaid design, super cute. I personally liked the non glitter one better!

  3. Hi Skye :)

    I posted it to help you find the place better lol. It's super easy to spot! You'll have fun there I'm sure :D

  4. Hey Kellie!

    I liked this one too! It's quite preppy and colourful xx

  5. Hi Dustbunny

    Thanks so much! This was the first time I tried this design. You should give it a try too!

  6. HI KAE :D

    I'm glad you like it! I found it very preppy :p I like the glitter one a little bit more cause i feel like it makes the non-straight lines less noticeable lol. You should give it a try! xx

  7. I like the glitter one better - it looks a little more finished. Very cute!! I want to try this!

  8. Hi Kaybee!

    You should definitely give it a go! Play around with the colours and let me know what you come up with xx

  9. You're very welcome :-)
    And I love this mani - so cute !!

  10. That is really a cute manicure. I like both manicures. With or without glitter is pretty to me.

  11. I really like the design it was awesome...:)