Tuesday, July 28, 2009

33: NOTD

Hi Bloggers

I wanted to play with my new Art Deco polishes tonight but I actually have a movie date night with my boyfriend tomorrow so I didn't feel like swatching around with different polishes. Instead I decided to do a colour I wouldn't normally pick since it is so sheer.

I used OPI's Midnight Blue Glitter (which takes approximately 6-7 coats to be fully opaque) and made it my nail of the day. It's a bit hard to believe but I only used 3 coats for this mani. The trick was to just pile on the polish! I did the first layer thin and waited for it to dry. The 2nd layer however I picked up a large amount and just swirled the polish and brushed it a bit on the nail. By the time the 2nd coat was dry it looked about 3/4 opaque so I decided just to do 1 last thin layer to finish it off. I'm pretty happy with how it looks on my nails right now. The blue glitter is really pretty and sparkly..

What do you guys think? Do you like the colour? :)



  1. wow joyce that colours is gorjuz,and ur nails look great

  2. Hey Skye!

    Thanks hun I really like this colour even though it was so sheer! I've been using CND's Cuticle Eraser. It's really great you should try it too! xx

  3. Like this! I love glitter and your nails look super cute.

  4. Hi Lucy :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment! I had to give myself a full manicure because my nails were just horrible! I reshaped them and cleaned up my cuticles a bit. I was really surprised because I never thought I'd like this colour, Now that I look at the pictures it's so nice and glittery :D