Monday, July 13, 2009

25: Random post

Hellooo :D

I am going to be posting a NOTD later on but for now I'd like to share random pictures of my dog wearing sunglasses muahahha. Please don't report me to PETA for animal cruelty!

Meeka says HI :)))

Here she is wearing my heart shaped sunnies. I got these at the markets for $15 yay!

Out of all the pictures we took of her today this has got to be the best one. She looks so cool and her mouth is even a little bit crooked. What a badass!



  1. HAHAHAH Oh I love these!!! Dogs are the best thing on this earth!!

  2. Lol !!! She is so cute :-)

  3. Oh she is so cute!! Off to put glasses on my cat now ;)

  4. lol Joyce... these are hilarious! Those heart shades are sooo cute. She has major attitude going on with the ones wearing aviators - totally snarky lip, that is so awesome!

    Your dog is such a cutie pie, mine would freak out if I tried this =x

  5. Hi Kaybee!

    She is such a character! I looove dogs too! I think dog owners and nail polish lovers are the best people in the world ;)

  6. Hey Millie!

    HAHAH I hope your cat will be good and let you take some photos of the sunglasses! It took me forever to get these 2 pictures of my dog xx

  7. Hi Tuli!

    Meeka says thank you! She might be cute but she's very high maintenance. I'm practically her human slave lol!

  8. Hi Kae!

    I knooooow I never knew she was such a poser! I love those heart shaped sunnies they were so cheap too! My boyfriend found them in my room actually and put them on her. Then we decided to go all out and switch it up for his aviators haha. I think we just got lucky and took some good pictures! I would love to see you try this on your puppy xx