Wednesday, July 29, 2009

36: Rant

Hi Guys

Sorry about this post but I'm about to go on a rant here. Now I love CNN. I think it's a very great website for news coverage and they have very interesting articles related to world issues, politics, entertainment, law, technology and health. Even just now I was on CNN and I was reading a very fascinating article on how BBG can reduce secondary damage caused by spinal injuries! The article says that BBG is similar to a blue food dye that is regularly used for colouring in M&Ms and Gatorade and since it's been sucessful during testing the researchers are applying for FDA permission to test on humans. VERY COOL! After reading articles I generally like to look over to the side to see what other top stories are popular or just to see if there was anything else I missed out on. But what I saw on the list today really annoyed me..


Don't get me wrong. When I was in Canada I was a fan of the show. I thought it was entertaining to watch but when news about who the Bachelorette chose beats out major world issues that's when I have a problem. Isn't this what websites like is for? I remember watching Oprah one day and she commented that she saw an article on CNN regarding Beyonce and how she didn't want to be known as bootylicious anymore. She thought it was ridiculous. Obviously that's so random and I think it wastes the readers time. I really don't need a full 1200 word article on how the Bachelorette fell in love while she was on the show. Come on CNN this is messed up. Then again it's the readers on the site who are the ones clicking to read the articles and that just makes it even more upsetting.

Sorry about all the complaints. Thank you for reading :)



  1. Oh man I totally agree, really who cares? Do you get the E channel there? I like the show "The Soup" because all those reality shows have become sooo ridiculous lol. Anyway they show the Bachelorette a lot and it's hilarious. Although I must admit I watched I'm a celebrity get me out of here...

  2. Hi Kae!

    Thanks for reading my stupid rant. We only have 4 'free' channels here in Australia and being the cheapo I am (I try to save money for nail stuff hehe) we don't pay extra for the good channels. I'm sorry but I did judge you for a few seconds for watching 'I'm a Celebrity' lol. God I can't stand Heidi and Spencer :/ Reality shows are ok I guess but not the ones where they just film you 'living your life'. I like shows like MasterChef and sometimes SYTYCD. Shows which require a bit of talent :D

  3. I understand completely. I was pretty shocked at the all day, round the clock coverage of Michael Jackson's death. I know what a fantastic entertainer he was and all of that. I just didn't think CNN should've added to the furor. I watch reality shows like Survivor and the Amazing Race. Then I got hooked on Housewives of New Jersey. Now I'm watching about the Southern women and also the Prep School. I don't know what happened to me. I hate these kind of shows. Or at least I thought I did.

  4. Hi Lucy!

    Thanks for your comment and I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who thinks this way! Yeah Michael Jackson is always a huge story though I think because aside from being a great entertainer he was always just a bit weird to the public eye. I don't know if you'll remember but during his 'child molestation' trial CNN had full coverage on that as well. I even watched the court ruling. I'm glad they're back to regular news but that Bachelorette nonesense just really ticked me off :p