Wednesday, July 29, 2009

35: NOTD and nail art

Hi Bloggers!

Man I've been updating so much lately. Guess it's all the free time I have off from work :) I've been doing some swatches and watching communitychannel on youtube! I love Natalie's videos she's such a funny girl!

Here's my NOTD. I had to use 4 coats of OPI's Give Me The Moon. I'm not a big fan of this colour and it was such a pain to apply. I only bought it to complete the OPI Night Brights collection. The other thing I wanted to share was a mani I did for my friend Teresa a few days ago. She works for Waverly Council which is government related so we couldn't go all out with the crazy colours. I miss hanging out with her so much and we had so much fun talking and laughing while doing the manicure. She has great nails so all I did was 3 coats of OPI's You're A Doll with some rhinestones and 3D nail art..


Teresa's mani..

I'm sorry that this picture turned out to be a bit blurry I didn't know how to use her camera. I tried to focus on the 3D nail art but it wouldn't work. I guess it was too old school!

Hope you guys like it. I'll talk to you soon :D



  1. I've never seen give me the moon, what a cool color! Too bad it gave you troubles to apply, but it is really pretty.

    Your friends nails turned out adorable, love the little accents on the thumbs cute and dainty look.

  2. Hi Kae :)

    Give Me The Moon is a silver with blue shimmer. It looks absolutely beautiful under sunshine. The application process just made it horrible and I was careless and accidentally smudged a finger :(

    Unfortunately Teresa's manicure was only perfect for a day cause somehow she managed to break the 3D star! She's not a girly girl lol xx

  3. Your friends manicure turned out really pretty. Shame she broke the star. I like your polish. I've never seen that shade.

  4. Lucy!

    Aww thank you! I liked it because it was super simple and the colour was very neutral which is good for her because of her job. She is such a tomboy at times I can't help it lol. This colour is beautiful. It's by OPI and it's called 'You're A Doll' from their Toyland Collection :)

    PS I'm so happy you're commenting again! Missed you xx