Thursday, July 16, 2009

28: The horror!

Hi Girls,

I was going to do a NOTD today after work but I guess God had other plans for me because..

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It broke while I was organizing hangers today at work :(

Darn I guess I'll have to trim all of them now. I was so excited yesterday that my nails were slowly growing out (since the gel nails incident a while back). Anyways I'm gonna be hitting the driving range tomorrow anyways so I guess it's better to cut them now so I don't hurt myself and break any more nails.

I'm gonna go and work on some more nail designs. Talk to you girls later :D



  1. awww... i broke my nails too last week :(

  2. Oh, what a shame. One thing is good. They always grow!

  3. Ouchies, that looks like it went down to the quick :(
    Have fun at the driving range tomorrow!

  4. oh nooo joycee u poor thinggg
    i hateeeeeeee when that happens =(
    i hope it grows back really fast 4 u

  5. Oh no! :( I hear you and feel your pain Joyce...... Listen to Lucy - as hard as that is to take at the moment. Poor love xx

  6. Very sad! Sometimes its happen with me!

  7. Hi Dustbunny

    It was so horrible! When I found out I told the other girls and they said that they always break their nails :( I hope your nails are slowly growing back xx

  8. Hi Lucy :)

    Thank you for your reassuring comment! I'm going to be patient and wait for them to slowly grow back but until then.. no nail art :(

  9. Hi Kae Kae!

    It aaaalmost hit the quick but luckily it didn't. Man that would've doubly hurt :( Gosh I had the worst time at the driving range today thanks to my stupid boyfriend :(((

  10. Hi Skye :)

    Thank you I hope it grows back soon too so I can swatch lots and lots of colours xx

  11. Hi Danielle!

    Thanks so much for sympathizing with me! I'm slowly recovering but I did overreact and threaten to sue the company I work for yesterday lol xx

  12. Hi Beauty Cosmetics!

    I hope your nails never ever break again :D I'm going to try to take better care of them. I'm off to check out your website now! xx