Saturday, July 11, 2009

23: Coloured acrylic powders

Hi Girlies :)

I just wanted to say hi to everyone reading right now and send a huuuge happy birthday to Skye from because it's her 21st birthday today (Saturday). Happy Birthday Skye!

Anyways I do have a quick update. I recently ordered coloured acrylic powders from (USER NAME: glamlabel) on eBay. The item was 12 coloured acrylic powers and I paid 11.50USD including shipping. I recieved it today which is quite fast because they ship from Hong Kong and it arrived at my house in about 4-5 days. I'm very happy with the colours but not so pleased about the quality and quantity. The amounts are quite small and when I opened them to test the colours I found that some of the containers were only half full :( But nonetheless I will be having a lot of fun (for sure!) playing around and practicing with these colours :D

This kit also included a white coloured powder but I decided not to take a close-up picture because I've been using a white from my acrylics kit and you guys have already seen that.

I think that out of all the colours this was the worst one. It seemed to be some sort of super light peach/flesh colour and when I went to go pick up an acrylic bead it was fading in random areas. I thought this was going to be a baby pink so weird.

Bright yellow! This colour is so nice. The only good thing about this kit is the variety of colours and this yellow is so fantastic. I can't wait to use it :)

Orange :) As you can see the ball and the actual powder differ in colour. The darker coloured orange is the actual colour produced after the polymer has been in contact with the monomer.

Fuscia pink. I really love this colour it's very nice. Although I am disappointed that there wasn't a nice baby pink to go along with it.

Lavender (purple). This colour is so special because from different angles it can look very faint but from other angles the colour is bold and obvious.

Sky blue. This colour is how I wish the sky would look like everyday. It's a very happy and bright blue :D

Mint green. I think this colour would be perfect for sculpting leaves of various flowers. Roses maybe? MUST PRACTICE!

I'm not 100% sure why this looks a bit bluer in the picture because in person this is a TRUE emerald green. It's very vibrant.

Red. I think this would be great for making love hearts. Cute and cartoony :)

Indigo. This is my favourite colour out of the 12. It's really gorgeous when you see it in person. It's a bold blue with a tiny hint of purple.

Black! I don't know what I'd be using this colour for. Maybe I'll mix it up and do a baby pink nail base with black love hearts and bows. What do you think?

If any of you are currently using coloured acrylic powders and are very happy with your product would you please let me know which ones you are using so I can give it a try too? Thaaank you in advance.



  1. Those colors look fun! can't wait to see some new designs with them.

  2. Such pretty colors and a great variety. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

  3. Very pretty colours! I still have to figure out how acrylic powders work. XD Can't wait to see your new designs. : )

  4. Hi Kae :p

    I'm really loving those colours! I'll try my best to come with something neat. I've been soooo into online dramas lately I haven't gotten around to using my powders lol. But tonight is the night I will experiment :)

  5. Hey Lucy!

    The colours are nice aren't they? But I am a bit pooped that the quantity was so little. In the ebay pictures it looked like big containers lol. Oh well hopefully I'll find good coloured powders soon!

  6. Hi Wan..

    Gosh acrylic powders are very easy to play with but super smelly so becarful and work in a well ventilated area! All I can say is don't be afraid to just experiment and try it out. Play around with it until you get used to the idea of the acrylics! It's really fun and addictive :D

  7. Hi Joyce!

    I've never encountered acrylic powders so I have absolutely no idea how they work; but I really want to give it a try now after seeing all your beautiful designs. I shall visit my local nail supply store tomorrow and see if they have any for sale. : )

  8. Hi Wan :D

    Gosh it's the most fun playing around with that stuff. Definitely check it out and maybe pick up a newbie kit if they have those but basically all you will need is monomer which is the liquid and your choice of polymer (the powder) and a good sturdy brush - preferably kolinsky sable!