Monday, July 27, 2009

32: L.A. Colors Art Deco haul

Hi Lovelies :D

I actually don't know if I can call this post a haul since I only ordered 6 colours but I'm running out of titles so this will have to do. While I was walking home from work today I was thinking to myself gosh it's been almost 2 weeks since I ordered the Art Deco polishes from eBay seller ceelow4. Did it get lost in the mail? Maybe it's here today! Well I got home and found my package waiting nicely on my bed yayyy..

THIS was the packaging! It's huuuge and all for 6 little polishes. I'm glad it was carefully packaged though because I would've been sad if they were broken in the mail.

As if that huge evelope wasn't enough I opened it to find that there was even more bubble wrap inside!

These were the colours that I ordered. I got silver glitter, white, yellow, baby pink, magenta and black.

I think that these little nail art polish are really great. They're not really expensive and they're very easy to use. I paid $16.38USD for 6 colours plus shipping. I haven't tried those Art Club nail art polishes but I think they're probably the same. Have any of you tried the Art Club polishes?

PS. I've been using the China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier for almost 3 days now (actually I just put it on once on day 1 and it's stayed on since) and so far so good! My nails are longer than before (but that could just be the fact that they grew by themselves) but I do feel that the nails on my ring fingers have gotten stronger :D



  1. I have some of the Art Club nail art polishes and they seem to be of high quality. I like the brush they use.

  2. I like the magenta color! What are you going to do first?!

  3. Hi Dee!

    Thanks for your opinion! I've wanted to try them cause they look high quality but honestly the LA COLORS were cheaper for me to buy I think. Maybe I'll try the Art Club ones next time :D

  4. Hi Kae Kae!

    I love that colour too! It's like a medium-dark purple plus little shimmers :D
    What do you think I should do first? Any suggestions?!

  5. I was wondering about these. Let us know how they work out. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

  6. Hi Lucy!

    Personally I think they're good quality. Everything's going well. And for the price I really can't argue much! I will get to these as soon as I can. I've been a lazy bum this week so next week hopefully I'll get my act together and start playing around with these babies!