Monday, July 20, 2009

30: My 30th post!

Hi-lo Everyone!

I've missed you girls a lot! I've been a bit busy lately and haven't had the energy or the time to do any NOTDs but since I don't have to work tomorrow I thought I'd go ahead and try to make some new nail art :D

This one was made with just OPI Happy Anniversary and different coloured acrylic hearts (which I punched out from my heart puncher).

I originally wanted the bow to be purple but the purple colour I had was very light so I didn't think that would go well. Instead I added a purple pearl in the center of the bow.

I'm not 100% happy with these designs because it's so poorly done! I couldn't sculpt the bow the way I wanted to because I had to do this STANDING UP. My dummy boyfriend has taken over the desk and he's been sitting there all day playing games and watching his movies. Boys will be boys..

I promise to make some better ones next time! :)))



  1. hey hunni i was just thinking about u 2dai and wondering wen u were going to post some more nails hehehehehe great work hun they look adorable

  2. CONGRATS to your 30th post!!!

    those are uber cute love 'em

  3. I like them both! The stripes are super cute. Can't wait to see w hats up next!

  4. These are both so pretty. You really do a nice job. I really am loving the purple stripes.

  5. Hi Skye!

    Thaaank you :) I've been totally slacking off lately though.. Have you been playing around with your polishes? It would be great if you did a haul of all your birthday polishes! xx

  6. Hi Dustbunny!

    HAHAH it's nothing special really I just couldn't think of another title for this post! :P But thanks for your comment. I like the designs too if only I had a desk to work on. AHEM stupid boyfriend!

  7. Hi Kae :D

    Gosh you really like it? I'm seriously running out of ideas so I might be stealing a few from other bloggers (but crediting them of course) and maybe I might start Konading? You gotta give me some tips though cause you're way better at it than I am that's for sure! xx


    Thank you for such a sweet comment as usual :D The purple is my favourite too (favourite colour) but I totally stuffed up the bow :( I'll try it again next time but maybe with different colours xx!

  9. I do love the bow one but yeah it is a bit messy. But on the other hand you should see my sculptures... more like random blob than bow!

  10. Hey Tiff!

    I would love to see some of your sculptures you should definitely post them on your blog :D Practice makes perfect so I'm trying hard to master it :p