Wednesday, July 8, 2009

21: Nail polish swatches

Hello Beautifuls!

I've spent the last 3 and a half hours painting all of my nail polishes onto clear nail displays. I feel like I'm about to faint soon the fumes are so strong! I feel so bad for my Meeka she's been sleeping on my bed since I started and I think she's in a mini coma right now lol. Anyways the pain is worth it! I wanted to show you guys what the nail polishes look like :) I categorized them into colours but some are super random. I'll post the pictures and underneath the pictures (from left to right) I'll list the names of the polishes and how many coats I used for the swatch to be completely opaque. Just a reminder: it's 1am right now and I took these pictures in my room so the colours might not be spot on. I'll take pictures again tomorrow under the sunshine if it's not raining :)

Golds & Silvers:

OPI Golden Rules! (3 coats)
OPI I Only Drink Champagne (3 coats)
OPI Happy Anniversary! (5 coats)
OPI Sheer Your Toys (3 coats)
OPI Give Me The Moon (3 coats)

Sheers & Whites & Blacks & Greys:

OPI Midnight Blue Glitter (3 coats)
OPI Sheer Enchantment (3 coats)
OPI Princesses Rules! (3 coats)
OPI Happy Anniversary (3 coats)
China Glaze White-Kwik-Silvr (3 coats)
OPI Alpine Snow (3 coats)
OPI Black Onyx (3 coats)
OPI Light My Sapphire (3 coats)
OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside (3 coats)
OPI Brand New Skates (3 coats)
China Glaze Recycle (3 coats)
OPI You Don't Know Jacques (3 coats)

Nudes & Neutrals:

OPI You're A Doll (3 coats)
OPI Sweet Heart (3 coats)
OPI Passion (3 coats)
OPI Tickle My Francey (3 coats)
China Glaze Fifth Avenue (3 coats)
OPI Baguette Me Not (3 coats)

Yellows & Oranges:

China Glaze Solar Power (3 coats)
OPI The "It" Colour (3 coats)
China Glaze Breakin' (3 coats)
OPI Brights Power (2 coats)
OPI Mod-ern Girl (3 coats)

Pinks & Fuschias:

OPI Princesses Rules! (5 coats)
OPI Pink Of Hearts 2 (4 coats)
OPI Love Me Tender (3 coats)
China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya (2 coats)
OPI Elephantastic Pink (2 coats)
OPI You're A Pisa Work (2 coats)
China Glaze It's Poppin' (2 coats)
China Glaze Fly (2 coats)

Reds & Browns:

China Glaze Ruby Pumps (3 coats)
China Glaze Lubu Heels (3 coats)
China Glaze Vertical Rush (2 coats)
OPI It's A Doozi, Says Suzi (2 coats)
Chanel Rouge Noir (2 coats)
OPI Midnight In Moscow (3 coats)
China Glaze Unplugged (3 coats)


OPI Do You Lilac It? (3 coats)
OPI Purple With A Purpose (3 coats)
OPI Catherine The Grape (3 coats)
OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight (3 coats)
OPI Ink (3 coats) NOTE* This is a VERY special colour. To me it looks ridiculously purple because of the glitter but when I finished painting and took the picture it came out as a deep blue!

Blues & Turquoises:

China Glaze Custom Kicks (2 coats)
China Glaze Shower Together (3 coats)
China Glaze Sky High-top (2 coats)
OPI Dating A Royal (2 coats)
China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic (2 coats)
China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong (3 coats)
OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue (3 coats)
OPI Russian Navy (3 coats)

Greens & Deep Gold?:

China Glaze Wagon Trail (3 coats) NOTE* I have no idea how to describe this colour. That's why I just randomly swatched it with my greens.
OPI Greenwich Village (3 coats)
China Glaze Entourage (3 coats)
China Glaze Paper Chasing (3 coats)
China Glaze Gussied Up Green (3 coats)


OPI DS Exclusive (3 coats)
OPI DS Glamour (3 coats)
OPI My Private Jet (4 coats)
China Glaze OMG (3 coats)
China Glaze He's Going In Circles (3 coats)
China Glaze How About A Tumble (3 coats)
China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out (3 coats)

As always please remember to click on the pictures to get a clear shot of all the colours! :D



  1. You have some nice colors! I'm jealous of all the OPI's you have! lol

  2. I want your DS colors lol. Great job that must've gotten tedious after a while.

  3. You have a nice collection. Hope your head has cleared from the fumes.

  4. Hi Olivia!

    Aww don't be jealous :p I actually buy OPI polishes because of the pro-wide brush! It's really easy to use and I looove it :)

  5. Hi Kae!

    Those colours are gorgeous aren't they?! The first day I bought them one of my girlfriends made me give her a manicure using DS Exclusive. It's so nice! Yeah I think I'm not going to be swatching anytime soon. I had a huuuge headache and went to bed at 4am lol.

  6. Hi Lucy!

    Thank you you're so sweet :) Yes I'm slowly recuperating from all those fumes. But now that I see all my colours on the display wheel I couldn't be happier xx

  7. I just came across your blog, since I have recently decided to sort out my nail polishes on nail display wheels also. I wanted to write a comment, because I love nail polish just as much as you, and I am jealous of all the beautiful colors you own (OPI collection especially) and my dog's name is Mika lol.