Tuesday, July 14, 2009

26: Nail art samples

Hi Girls!

I really want to show you guys what I've been slaving over for the past 3 hours! I practiced a bit with nail art and I must say I had so much fun making these designs :D Take a look and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy them!

I'm feeling a bit fever-ish (HOPE IT'S NOT SWINE FLU) so I'll come back to edit this post with my comments later on :)



  1. Oooh I like those a lot! I love the blue with white polka dots and the red bow, and the yellow striped one soooo cute! great job Joyce :)

  2. Joyce you are doing fabulous work! The nails look gorgeous. At first I thought you were making a finger nail necklace!I love the yellow stripes and also the blue with white polka dots. Your stained glass one are pretty also.

  3. Hi Kae!

    Thaaank you!!! I tried so hard to come up with something new besides the typical one colour plus bow look I did a while ago lol. The yellow one could've been 100% better though. I messed up that flower and I although I do love the blue with red bow one I think it overdid it with the polka dots lol.

  4. Hi Lucy!!

    Gosh your comment is soo funny! You really thought it was a necklace? Actually now that I take a look at it it does seem a bit necklace-y lol. The yellow one was a first time kinda thing I messed up the little flower. It's not symmetrical :( But the stained glass one is my favourite too! You should try it sometime :D

  5. Love your art! I really want to use more acrylics in so, I really watching. I think a necklace is a good idea!

  6. Wow! I LOVE all your designs! The blue one with white polka dots and the yellow one with stripes are my favourite! You did such an amazing job Joyce! I hope you get well soon! : )

  7. Hi Princess!

    Thank you I'll try to use acrylics more. They're fun to make things with and I think a necklace would be a great idea too! It's certainly different :)

  8. Hi Wan!!!

    Aww thank you so much! I've been slaaaving over these for so long to be honest though I had a lot of inspiration coming from the nail magazines. I love reading those! You should give it a try when you start to use acrylics ok? :D