Thursday, July 30, 2009

37: Must.. Stop.. Buying.. Things..

Hi Girls!

Someone needs to take my computer away because I am 15000% addicted to online shopping! I've just finished a $90 purchase (from my boyfriend's credit card.. shh don't tell him!) and I'm also expecting more packages from 2 other online retailers. For some reason I can't help but smile :D

Just so you guys know these purchases are all nail related. No polishes though just more acrylic powders, nail art organizers and other little knick knacks!

2 of my favourite online stores are.. - I think this company started on eBay but now they've expanded to their own website. What I love about them is their super cheap shipping costs! My order of $90AUD costs less than $7AUD to ship! YAY! - This is a great store for genuine Swarovski crystals at an awesome price! They also have sales from time to time so be sure to check up on them regularly!

Sorry guys but I just wanted to add a few more.. - This site is special to me because it's the first site I ever purchased nail polish from. Now living in Australia has restricted me to the $1 and $2 bargains you girls find sometimes (which by the way makes me super happy jealous for you) so it's great to see a site where nail polishes aren't over the top expensive and who have a flat rate shipping fee as well. - This site is more for the Aussie nail fanatics. They have good shipping charges and they're very nice ladies! One of the girls named Lisa called me this morning to say that they've ran out of the heart dappen dish that I ordered but I told her I really like it so she managed to find one for me from another supplier! How nice :) And in the end she called me back to confirm my order.

I'll be back to update later! Off to work now :)



  1. Hi Joyce!
    I totally understand how you feel. Online shopping is so addicting! I can not keep myself away from the e-tailers either. Hahaha! :D

  2. I am on a very strict no-buy atm so I'm so sad for me, but happy for you!

  3. I'm super addicted to online shopping too!

    I just bought a traincase in bf-beauty!

    thanks for recommending bf-beauty!

    I agree, their shipping price is the best!

  4. Whee thanks for the links because i've been trying to find a good place to buy powders! But I did just buy $70 worth of nail polish so no more buying for me...

  5. Hi Wan!

    Gosh I we're like twins I swear! My boyfriend wants to take away my laptop so I won't be able to do anymore online shopping!!! Booo :(
    My first purchase ever was actually on eBay for buying me dog Greenies Treats!

  6. Hi Kae!

    I was happy too because I used my boyfriend's paypal this time muahahah. I should save up too I think I'm going back to the Motherland (China) at the end of October for my grandpa's birthday yay :D

  7. Hi Dustbunny!

    HAHAH I think we girls are all the same! I'm glad you liked the things they were selling! I'm happy to share all these kinds of things with you guys. I'm happy to hear what you've purchased too ;)

  8. Hey Tiffany!

    You should check it out or I'm most likely going to review it when I recieve my order. I've always been curious to see if cheap powders are similar to the brand name ones but honestly from all the professionals out there they all say that EZFlow or CND is the best. We'll see :D

  9. I buy everything online. It's frightening how fast the polishes add up. When I go to look at what the total is I almost faint. Today I was ordering from Victoria Nail Supply. My total was $120.00! I just went back to my homepage and didn't order a thing. I have to go back and order more reasonably. I'm going to check these sites. Oh God, I hope I don't go crazy!

  10. Hi Lucy!

    I think ordering once in a while is ok haha. But I totally understand what you mean. I go to all these sites and I just get sucked in by all the pretty things they have. I've been doing my research lately and I'm going to different sites to see whether or not I can find what I want in the cheapest price available lol :)