Thursday, July 2, 2009

17: My polish collection and other stuff

Hi Girls!

As promised I'm going to show you guys pictures of my nail polish collection. I was actually just going to show you a haul from this morning but I decided to just go ahead and take pictures of all my babies :) After taking pictures I wanted to see how many polishes I actually had so I counted all of them and the total number was 84. I was really surprised cause I think my little nail polish obsession started only last December which means that I've spent waaay too much! (As always please click on the pictures to have a better view of the colours!)


LA Colors Art Deco - thin brushes for nail art. In gold - pink - green - blue

Splash Glitter Pieces - in hearts and stars shapes

Japanese Brand - sheer top coats. Sparkles and Pearl White

The Makeup Store - sheer colourful topcoats

Ulta3 Metal and Candied Violet - a dark gunmetal and violet with tonnes of silver glitter

Chanel Rough Noir - a classic deep red


Sheer pinks - Glitter pinks - Pink pinks - Hot pinks


Yellow - Green - Blue - Purples - Red

Black - White

Sheer Shimmers/Glitters

Dark Holo - Dark red/brown - Dark purples - Dark blues - Black with sparkles

Nude shimmers - Silver shimmers - Dark grey

OPI Designer Series

OPI Mini nail polish

China Glaze

Yellow - Orange - Pinks - Pink shimmers - Reds

Dark red glitter - Bright Red glitter. Lubu Heels - Ruby Pumps

Greens - Dark greens - Brown shimmers

Teals - Blues - Dark blue shimmers

Glow in the Dark top coat - White - Grey - Silver Holo

Kaleidoscope Collection in blue - pink - green

I don't have enough time to show you individual pictures of the polishes themselves but I will dedicate my future posts to show you guys the nail polishes. I've ordered some nail tips and they should be here in a a week or so. When I get them I'll be able to paint on the colours to show it more clearly :)

See you guys soon!



  1. hi hun great post
    ur collection is amazinggggggg
    i was going to ask do you know the address of that nail place and the number either one would be great thanx joyce mwaaaaa

  2. Hi Skye!

    I went today and spent way too much :(
    The place is called Pro Nail Supply
    9 Greenfield Parade in Bankstown. It's just a couple of streets down from the trainstation and there's free parking everywhere (if you decide to drive) I'll post a picture of what it looks like later for you xx :D

  3. thanx so much hun hehehe
    i love nail polish
    how much was the opi oh and do they
    have china glaze and if so how much

  4. Skye That place is like heaven! OPI - $10 and China Glaze - $5. They also have Orly and Essie I think. Definitely check it out! If you buy lots they might even give you a discount :D

  5. 0o0oo0 w0o0ow howw exciting cant wait..
    thanx hun =D

  6. Hope you find some great stuff! xx :)

  7. wow you have great polish collection! hmmm I'ma hunt down down some opi designer series too :D

    My nail obsession just started a few months ago too I think back in February and I just coounted my polishes to and I stopped when I was in 80 I just couln't count any more since I felt a bit guilty spending too much on nail polishes but I just couldn't help it! Nail polishes and other nail art items makes me happy!

  8. I love the way you set up your pictures and by color, those glitter ones at the top look beautiful!

    Fantastic collection :D

  9. You have such a gorgeous collection! :D I started my nail polish obsession around last December's a super addicting hobby! I'm too afraid to count my polishes, don't wanna know how much I've spent. Haha! XD

  10. Dustbunny!

    I think nail polish makes every girl happy :) Definitely get some of that OPI DS because the colous are just incredibly beautiful!

  11. Hi KAE :D

    I think I was inspired by you to post all of my nail polishes. I was so happy after reading your birthday haul that I decided to go ahead and do this but omg it took me so long to organize and take pictures of everything!!! xx

  12. Hi Wan!

    So nice of you to leave me a comment. I'm such a fan of your blog. Once I saw that Brooke featured it on her blog I went to see your posts and added you straight away! I'm curious to see your stash too now :) Keep up the good work xx

  13. Hi Olivia :)

    Thanks a lot I'm happy with it but you can never have enough nail polishes so I think I'm going to wait a while before I go crazy and buy more colours!

  14. Hi Joyce. Thanks for posting your collection. Very nice how you have them all set up. You should definitely try China Glaze's holo's. They are beautiful and cheap than OPI's DS. I order everything online. It's much cheaper and I can take my time or change my mind. I forgot that your in Australia. Do any of the companies ship to you?

  15. Hi Lucy

    Gosh I totally missed your comment! SO SORRYYY. I order some stuff online too but because I'm here in Australia the shipping is really expensive :( Everything is expensive here booooo :( But I did manage to find a wholesale place that sells cheap polishes. China glazes there are only $5AUD :D