Sunday, July 5, 2009

18: NOTD

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to post a quick update and show you guys a new nail of the day. I took a super long nap today and can't sleep right now even though it's already 4am booooo. Soo I decided to do my nails. I used 4 coats of OPI Sheer Your Toys and added some 3D nail art to a few of my fingers. I'm quite happy with how things are turning out cause I can actually see some improvement in sculpting :) But I really need to stop using it for a while because right now I have a huge headache from the smell of the monomer. Do you guys like this simple design?

Left hand thumb

Left hand

Right hand thumb

Right Hand

I think this took me around 40 minutes to fully complete which is pretty awesome. I also ordered coloured acrylic powders from an online shop so that should be here in a couple of weeks.. EXCITED!

PS. I went to the Jay Chou concert here in Sydney with my boyfriend and another couple on Friday night. I was so shocked because there were reportedly over 10000 people who showed up. His concert was completely sold out. We had such amazing seats thanks to a friend who's dad was from the company that organized the concert. I had a really great time singing to his songs and watching him perform. This guy is just amazing. He sang about 13 to 15 songs or more? ALL LIVE! It was just such a great experience :D (Pictures to come soon.. for Hannah lol)

This is where we sat. Gosh we were so close I could see his face without the help of a camera!

Also I thought this was quite cute! My boyfriend fell asleep at my place after taking me to my nail supply store on Thursday and my dog slept on his pillow too aww :)

I'm going to try to get some sleep now I have to work in a few hours :/



  1. Cute nails. And, that last picture is adorable! :)

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  3. Your sculpting skills have improved indeed! Now all it needs it color lols.


    And zomg the last pic. WHAT BREED OF DOG IS THAT???? I'm guessing shiba inu but I could be wrong. BUT ALKSJDALD ITS SO CUUUUTE!!! If its a shiba inu I would totally go on a spazzing mode and demand more pics XD

  4. I like your 3-D art it's looking really good!

    Those were amazing seats, how lucky of you guys! Sounded like you had fun :D

    And awwwwwwwwwwww, that is so cute how they fell asleep like that.

  5. Adorable picture! Your dog is so cute. Glad you enjoyed the concert. I've never heard of him but live music is the best. Nice seats also. Can't wait for the pictures. I love the acrylic bows and flowers you made. Plus the heart are adorable. I bet you will make some beautiful stuff when you get the color. I just love your whole manicure. Very pretty.

  6. Wow! I love your 3D nail art Joyce! It's really pretty! :D

    You're so lucky you get to go to Jay Chou's concert! You've got such amazing seats too! I don't think he'll be coming to Vancouver though. *sigh* :(

    The last pic is sooo cute! Love your dog!<3

  7. Hi Olivia!

    Thanks for such a nice compliment :) They were really fun to do!

  8. Hi Hannah!

    I'm soooo soo excited about the coloured acrylics hahaha I'm going to go crazy and lock myself in my room for a few days just to experiment!

    The Jay Chou concert was great! Wish you were there :)

    And my baby girl is a Pomeranian. She's 5 this yea and super fluffy.. just in time for winter lol xx

  9. Hello Kae :)

    Thanks for your comment *blushes*
    I'm super exicted to try new designs when I get my colour powders muahah. We really lucked out with the seats the concert was great. He's really super talented!

  10. Hi Lucy <3

    You're so sweet for leaving such a nice message! Thanks so much I had a lot of fun doing this manicure too :p ..I feel like I can do it well with my right hand but with my left hand it's still a bit tricky and I'm still shakey haha. I'll definitely upload some pictures from the concert. I agree LIVE music is the best! xx

  11. Hi Wan!!

    THANKS :) I really loved this manicure. Honestly I've wanted OPI Sheer Your Toys since it came out last Christmas but my nail supply store didn't have it in stock and I didn't feel like paying double the price to buy it from a department store so when I finally found it I was so happy I thought I was going to cry lol. I'm slowly getting the hand of the 3D nail art! Have you tried it before? It's easy if you do lots of practice.

    Didn't Jay Chou visit Vancouver a couple of years ago? I'm Canadian too and I know that my friends went to his concert in Toronto last year.. I think. He's touring again maybe in 2010 so you never know where he'll go!