Friday, July 17, 2009

29: More horror!

Hey Guys!

As many of you know I broke my nail yesterday and was forced to cut all my nails short :( I thought to myself it was actually a good idea since I was going to the driving range today with my boyfriend and a couple of other friends. We had a great time there. I hadn't been in a long time so we were all just practicing and having fun.. until..

BEFORE: my beautiful baby in it's original glory :)

AFTER: my boyfriend swung and cracked my DRIVER! :(((

I was sooooo angry at him! It was 10000% his fault because he wouldn't listen to me. The stall he was at didn't have a tee so I asked him to go find a tee somewhere else. He went and found one. On the mat there were 6 holes where you could insert the tee. He inserted it into one of the slots but that didn't match up to where he was standing so being the genius that he is he decided to stand on the ground.. OFF THE MAT! I told him he shouldn't do that but he wouldn't listen to me and just wanted to show my friends his drive. He swung the driver and hit the ball but during his follow through the driver was pounded into a steel pole which was behind him the whole time. I was going to cry because I was so frustrated. This could've been avoided if he had listened to me! I looked at my poor baby and it had a crack all the way around. It was ruined. I thought i was going to die at that moment. It was like someone beat me over the head with golf clubs :(((

Booooo for stupid boyfriends!



  1. poor joyce *cryz for joyce* your not having any luck this week =( silly bfz send him to the naughty corner.....

  2. He offered to buy you a new club, right?

  3. Oh Joyce I'm so sorry you have a typical show-off silly boyfriend, hehe! What a shame. He will replace your driver with a better one, won't he?

  4. Oh no Joyce! (>_<") I hope you can replace your driver replaced with a nice one! This weekend your bf better rub your feet and feed you grapes or something! lol

  5. Wow that sucks... make him pay! Make him pay!

  6. Hi Skye!

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately we don't have a naughty corner in our house so I guess I'll just have to ground him for a month! NO COMPUTER :P

  7. Hey Dee :)

    Come to think of it he didn't offer my anything! I've been had!!! I should make him get me a new one since my driver was so precious to me lol xx

  8. Hi Lucy!

    OMG yes he is suuuch a show off! He kept on telling us to watch his drive hahah. But to be fair he is the best at it so I guess that does deserve some of our attention :D

  9. Hi Kae :D

    mmmmm I LOVE GRAPES! He didn't even apologize straight away. Some nerve lol! But I guess that's just how it is. What a bad week huh? :/

  10. TIFF!!!

    HAHAHAH your comment is so funny! How should I make him pay? In the form of a new handbag or some new shoes perhaps? :p

  11. I'd ask for a backrub a day for a month, way harder than just forking out money, i'd milk him for what he's worth before the urge to kill him takes over lol. I imagine if someone broke my tennis racquet they'd be dead within seconds of doing so!

  12. Omg Tiff

    You know exactly how I feel! I was very very upset but gosh I don't know why I just can't stay mad lol. I'm such a softy :(