Thursday, July 2, 2009

16: NOTD

Hello Super Duper Followers :)

First of all I just wanted to say a huuuge sorry to all the people that I accidentally lied to. I originally wanted to post pictures of my nail polish haul for you guys but I didn't get to go home today. I've been staying at my boyfriend's place for the past 4 days or so and I thought that we would go back to my place for dinner tonight but we ended up just getting takeaway and stayed in the city. I did my nails today. I used OPI INK embellished it with a rhinestone on each finger and 2 cute bows on my thumbs :)

Also I'm really excited because my boyfriend promised to take me to my nail supply store tomorrow YAY! We're going to go early in the morning cause I wanted to see the stores prices with regards to acrylic powders. I'm deciding whether to buy it there or online. But I promise promise promise that I will infact update tomorrow but at night because I have to work during the afternoon.

As my apology please accept this really really really funny picture of Megan Fox and some 11 year old kid at the London premier of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen..

HAHAHHA. According to the article.. "In the hustle and bustle of the UK premiere of Transformers, Megan Fox unknowingly blew off 11-year-old Harvey Kindlon (above) who was trying to give the actress a yellow rose." The young boy is known to the world as 'Roseboy'. HOW CUTE!



  1. i have questions... is the acrylic powder the same with uv powder stuff? does it takes hours to dry? do you need uv nail drier for it to dry? thanks!

  2. That sounds like a cute manicure. Can't wait to see it. Nail supply store do loads of damage to the wallet! Have fun and hope you find some great stuff.

  3. Hi Lucy :)

    I spent way too much today. I picked up almost 20 polishes lol. But that should last me for a while huh? I'll go and post up the picture of my mani. It's super simple.. Hope you like it! :)

  4. Hi Dustbunny :)

    When you say UV powder do you mean UV GEL? I've never actually heard of UV powder so I can't comment on that but when I say acrylic powder I'm referring to the powder which we call polymer that is used to create acrylic nails. Hope that's not too confusing!

  5. BTW. Acrylic sets very very fast and cures within 3 minutes but takes 24-48 hours to be FULLY cured and nope you don't need a drier. It's super simple xx

  6. yep what i meant was uv gel hehe