Sunday, August 2, 2009

40: Random

Hi Everyone :)

I was so bored last night and decided to stick little pearls onto my mini nail dryer. I've tested the dryer out and the fan is so loud! It sounds like a car engine starting so I think i'll just use that for simple manicures like maybe sticking the fingers in there to just quick dry the base coat or thin layers of polish. Meh it was only $6 so I didn't expect much anyways :)

Anyways the logo on the nail dryer was kinda ugly so I wanted to do something special to make it prettier. Some of you have seen my cellphone (the really pink and blinged up one) and commented it on it. So I've decided to do something similar to the nail dryer. For those of you girls who like their gadgets shiny and eye catching you should give this a try.

NOTE* I know that a lot of people like to use epoxy glue to hold down the rhinestones but I didn't want to do that because who knows someday I might not like the design anymore. Instead I bought a decoration art 'sticker' which is pretty similar to double sided tape although I believe that the stickyness does last longer. The good thing about this decoration sticker is that if you do decide to remove it all you have to do is peel it off and it doesn't damage your product! This little patch of pearls took me about 40 minutes to complete but the process is very simple to do..

Special decoration sticker. I bought this off Strapya :)

You'll need a pair of scissors to cut the sticker to the correct size. I've pre-cut my sticker.

Your desired decorations. Rhinestones or pearls will do.

Step 1: The decoration has 2 backings to peel off. First peel off one side and place the sticker onto your desired location. After it is fully secured go ahead and peel off the other side (which is on the front facing you.. if that makes sense). Once you've peeled off the 2nd backing the area you placed the sticker on should feel tacky. The tacky area is where you'll need to decorate.

Halfway done!

Finally! I used black pearls and made an MN pattern for Marble Nails :) Now that I look at it I think I'm going to take out the black pearls and replace them with clear rhinestones. If I had glued on the black pearls with epoxy glue then it would've been a nightmare for me to remove.

I hope you guys give it a try and let me know what you think. If you don't have the decoration sticker I think it would be ok to use double sided tape. Just do little parts at a time so it doesn't dry out too quickly!

PS. Two Fridays ago my boyfriend and I went to the city for all you can eat BBQ (yes we're huge pigs) and every Friday in Chinatown there's the Chinatown Nightmarkets. We were strolling through to kill some time and I noticed a cool clock that changed colours when you pressed it. I had to have it! My previous clock was bought on a trip to Korea and although it's super nice I've lost the little caps to adjust my alarm. So I've been without an ALARM clock for 4 years now. I've had to use my cellphone this whole time. Kadi bought me the clock as a present and I finally placed batteries in it and it's super cute! The clock was $12AUD :D

Left - my old clock with rhinestones for every hour. Right - my new digital colour changing clock.


Yup I got bored and decided to rhinestone this one as well. It's the same process as above but just less tedious.

Hope you girls enjoyed this post although no nail polish was involved. Sorry!



  1. I love your rhinestones on your dryer! I do like the tape from Strapya because it has a grid to help you.

    What do you like at the all you can eat place? Do you get dessert too?!

    Your clock is super cute now! what other color is it when you touch?

  2. Hi Kae!

    Thank youuu :D I love the strapya sticker too! And I think it was only $3 or $4?

    Gosh we have this all you can eat restaurant in Chinatown but it's like japanese bbq. My boyfriend and I looooove the wagyu beef!!! It just melts in your mouth OMG i'm drooling a bit right now lol. And yes! We get all you can eat green tea ice cream as well :DDD I'm so glad he brought me there cause I'm a member of Green Tea Ice Cream ANNON.

    My clock is pretty cool it's yellow-green-blue-purple-pink-red-orange. The colours of the rainbow :)

  3. That sounds like a good meal you had! I stay away from those places. It's too tempting and I'm losing weight now. That's adorable what you did with your nail dryer. It's nice to personalize things.

  4. Hi Lucy :)

    The food was good but we were so full I was in a mini meat coma! Thanks for the comment you can try it with your little gadgets too! Have you done any?