Tuesday, August 4, 2009

43: NOTD

Hi Guys!

I'm sorry to say this but I made acrylic bows AGAIN! I really need to get out of this bubble of only making bows and hearts. For this mani I used OPI's Midnight Blue Glitter for a mini gradation effect and just added some rhinestones and acrylic bows..

I have nail class tomorrow so I'm hoping to pick up some new techniques. Are any of you girls going to the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo on Aug 8th or 9th? My nail teacher might take me but I'm taking my Australian Citizenship test on Aug 10th so I might skip it and concentrate on that instead. If I do manage to go I'll be sure to take some pictures :)



  1. love the graduation you did! The acrylic accents are cute too.

  2. Hi Princess!

    Thanks for your comment :) You should give it a try! It's very girly and princessy xx

  3. Hi Mookiej

    Thank you! This took me a long time to do cause I couldn't figure out how to place the rhinestones :)

  4. Hi Kaaae :)

    Thanks for such a nice comment *blushes*. I actually messed up the gradation haha hence the bows hiding the ugly lines :p

  5. That's a cute manicure. You do make lovely bows. You'll have to learn how to make something else if your getting bored of bows.

  6. Hi Lucy!

    Thank you I've been practicing bows a lot so I think I'm pretty confident doing that now lol. I'm learning flowers now and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Slowly haha :D