Wednesday, August 19, 2009

52: NOTD

Hi Girls!

I know I promised swatches but I was called in to work today and I'm feeling super tired. Anyways I just wanted to let you all know that Essie's Punchy Pink from their Neon collection was a huge hit today! I had a lot of people telling me that they loved this colour :)

For my NOTD I decided to play around with it a bit. I did 2 fingers with Essie's Punchy Pink and the rest with Essie's Perky Purple which is also from their Neon collection. Then I got bored and decided to draw random things on top of them. I'm not feeling so creative today so I hope you'll forgive me..

Again sorry for the beaten up cuticles. I went overboard while filing my acrylics. Note to self: please remember to give yourself a proper manicure. Thank you :p



  1. this is so freaking cool! i love this manicure for real, way fun :)

  2. Very pretty Joyce. Your cuticles look just fine to me. I like the decorations. They're cute.

  3. These two colors are so beautiful and your nails art is very cute :-)

  4. Very cute nail art!! I Love the love heart on your thumb! Well done(^0^)/

  5. Hey Kellie!

    Thank you :) You should try it sometime! It cheers me up to see something fun xx

  6. Hi Lucy!

    Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun drawing on all the designs :)

  7. Hi Tuli!

    I really really love these neon colours. I think Essie did a great job they're really fun to play with :D

  8. Hi Mitsue!


    I like the heart too! I actually wanted to draw it in the center but made a mistake and had to draw half a heart instead haha. It looks more fun this way I think :D