Tuesday, August 4, 2009

42: NOTD

Hi Guys :)

I wanted to do a funky mani today because I've been so bored with my all black uniform at work. I chose 5 China Glaze 'candy' colours and decided to make it multicoloured. The names of the colours I used are..

Yellow - China Glaze Solar Power
Orange - China Glaze Breakin'
Pink - China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya
Green - China Glaze Entourage
Blue - China Glaze Custom Kicks

I used 3 coats for all the colours to make it fully opaque. After it dried I decided to add another layer of OPI Happy Anniversary! which probably overdid it a bit. It's so bright and shiny.

Have you guys tried multicoloured manicures before?



  1. So cute!! I did a Color Club Electrocandy one. It's such a fun look - your application is nice and I like the colors!

  2. Hi Kaybee!!!

    Thank you :D I really liked these colours too they remind me of summer although it's wintertime in Sydney right now. Did you take pictures of your multicoloured mani? Let me check out your blog xx

  3. Love the skittles! Very cute and adorable.

  4. Hi Lucy!

    Thank you :) You should give it a try sometime. It always cheers me up xx