Thursday, August 6, 2009

45: NOTD and marbling

Hi Girlies!

I've been playing with my nails for the past few hours because I have nail class tomorrow and I wanted to come up with a mani to impress my teacher :) I wanted to try a marbling design since I've always loved the look hence my blog name but after a few attempts I was very disappointed with the results. Instead I brought out my Konad kit today and stamped on a few snowflakes. GOSH this took me almost 2 hours to do! I'm such a newb. I know it's 'Summer' now but it's actually Wintertime here in Sydney. Since I grew up in Toronto I've always been acustomed to a white Christmas but since we don't have any snow here in Sydney these Konad snowflakes will have to do..

This is my Konad station. I'm a super lazy bum so I decided to do it all in bed because it's cold right now and I have the padded heater under my sheets.. mmm warm :)

You can't really see the detail but that little rhinestone is heart shaped. I actually messed up the stamping and left a really big gap near the top left corner so I just stuck on a rhinestone.

I used OPI's Purple With A Purpose for the majority of the snowflakes. It's very subtle.

And here is my embarassing marbling attempt. I used OPI's Purple With A Purpose and OPI's Do You Lilac It? . Dabbed it onto my nails and started mixing it up with a bobby pin. Horrible :(

Does anyone have tips on marbling designs?

PS. Euna Lee and Laura Ling are back in America! YAYYY!



  1. I enlarged your marbling pic and think it looks perfect..... it really is pretty! What do you feel is wrong with it?

  2. i think the marbling effect is great too! i can't even make it look like 10% as good as yours

  3. Hi Dee!

    Aww you're so sweet! I didn't like it :( I was trying so hard not to scrape my nail so hard with the bobby pin but it still left some indentations in the polish. I'm a total freak when it comes to things like that and any little off thing annoys me lol. Do you have any tips on different ways of marbling? xx

  4. Hi Dustbunny!

    Thank you for such a sweet comment! I don't know why but I thought I could've done better. I did like the colours though. Purples are my favourites. You should give it a try but I would suggest not to press the bobby pin onto your actual nails and just try dragging the design from the surface of the polish.. if that makes any sense :p

  5. I loved your marbling job! It looks great, the one cool thing abuot marbling is that you can do whatever (mess up included) and you will never know. Not that I think you mess yours up or anything, but it is pretty forgiving nail art method. lol sorry I ramble.

    I also love your snowflakes, the foily flake is perfect! I dont blame y ouf or staying in bed, espcially with a heated blanket :D

  6. The snowflakes are so pretty! Your marble nails are lovely. Your color combination is perfect. I wish I had a heated blanket right now. I'm so cold.

  7. Hi Kae!!!

    Thank you so much :D I really like the marbling design. It just looks special to me but hopefully next time I try it it'll turn out much better. I like reading your randoms lol xx

  8. Hi Lucy!

    Please stay warm and don't catch a cold :) I really like the snowflakes it's so cute and I'm in a winter-y mood so I think it fits very well :)

  9. I am a big fan of nail art, and although this method did not work for me it might for you. For marbeling try dropping one color polish in a glass of water letting it spread. Then drop another color and swirl them together. Place your nail face down in the swirls and push through. Remove all excess polish from the water before removing your nail. My instructions may not be the best so you can look up a "how to" on youtube. Good luck. I can't wait to see what you come up with.