Tuesday, August 25, 2009

53: Acrylic nails and an update

Hi Ladies!

Gosh I've missed you guys so much! Hope everyone had a good weekend :) I've been catching up with my friends and my boyfriend and I have been going out on shopping dates lately yayyy! I looove shopping! Anyways I wanted to show you guys my 2nd attempt at acrylic nails. I think I did a decent job but I only managed to do a set on my left hand because I can ONLY hold the sculpting brush with my right hand. Also I wanted to show you some pictures from my 6th month anniversary (if you aren't interested then please don't scroll down to the bottom). Kadi surprised me and took me to the Hilton in Sydney. We had a great room on the 43rd floor which was the highest and they even gave us a cute balloon printed with Happy Anniversary. The view from our room was amazing and we had a great time! And lastly I wanted to add a little something spcecial for my fellow HK FANS :D

Here are my acrylics..

Here are some pictures from our 6th month celebration :)..




  1. Your nails are so cute! Pretty soon you'll be doing both hands. Your hotel room looked awesome, how fun! did you order room service?

    That HK apple filled with candy: looooooooooooooooove!

  2. Hi Kae!!!

    I hope I'll be doing a full set sometime soon! Thanks for your compliments *blushes*. We didn't get to order room service we were so full from the all you can eat bbq hahah. Kadi actually got me that HK Candy Apple for a present :p

  3. Congats again on your 6 month anniversary. Why is Kadi so shy? Love the Hello Kitty apple. Very nice to go to the Hilton. Your acrylic nails look beautiful. One of these days you'll be able to do your other hand.

  4. Hi Lucy!

    Thank you so much you're so sweet as always. We had a lot of fun and yes he's such a shy person! But I guess that's good for me because I don't like people taking away attention from me haha. I'm going to try harder and work on the acrylics so thank you very much for your encouragement xx :D

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