Monday, August 17, 2009

50: Happy 6 months

Hi Girls!

I found out that my boyfriend actually read my blog yesterday! We've been dating for 6 months now and we're going to celebrate tonight with all you can eat sushi and bbq muaahhah :D

Also I tried to do my own acrylic nails for the first time today! I was surprised because it turned out NOT UGLY. It's not the best and certainly not something I would pay for but as a total newb with no experience before I think I did alright. I made the mistake of using a clear powder because for some reason I assumed that pink meant barbie pink but instead it was full on clear. The process was fairly simple and all I did was follow the instructions of the booklet. I'll try to post a full entry on how to do your own acrylic nails at home some other time. Sorry about the dirty nails..

I practiced on my index, middle and ring fingers. I couldn't be bothered to do all 10. Look at how clear the tip is!

My fingers are VERY small and not all the nail tips fit my hands so it was hard to size. Instead I chose to sculpt the nails and used a form.

The finished fingers! Please excuse the ugly looking ring finger. I filed off a lot by accident and it turned out very lumpy :(

My Colour of the Hour was China Glaze's Grape Juice from the Summer Days collection. This swatch was 3 coats.

Anyways I'll be back with a few more nail art samples. I've been hit with a creative bug lately so I hope I can make something out of it :)

PS. This is my new setup for my little nail area. What do you guys think? It's still a bit messy but I'm trying to organize everything by product..

Talk to you later!



  1. happy 6months for u and ur bf hun and thats sooo sweet that he readz ur blog =p
    love the nailz thats great for ur first attempt.Hope ur well hun tc =D

  2. Congratulations on 6 months! Hope your all you can eat sushi was good, so jealous!

    I like clear acrylic for some reason I think your nails came out just fine. that last picture is so adorable! lol the pink sh irt is cute too :D

  3. Your boyfriend and dog asleep together. Aww so cute! You did a nice job on your nails. You just have to keep practicing and you'll be a pro in no time at all. Love your nail polish area. I would love something like that. Nice! Enjoy your meal tonight and happy 6 months anniversary.

  4. Hi Skye!

    Thanks! I was quite nervous about filing down my nails for the acrylics but I'm glad I got to test it out. It's quite interesting and I'm thinking about making prettier ones soon :D

  5. Hi Kae :)

    OMG the all you can eat place is sooooo good I took a lot of pictures too maybe I'll upload it another time. I had a lot of fun playing around with the acrylics I hope to make some nicer looking ones next time xx

  6. Hi Lucy <3

    Thank you so much for such lovely comments! I we had a great time for our 6 month celebration. More on that later.. It took me forever to organize my desk but I'm quite happy with it. Where do you store your polishes? As for the nails.. I'll try harder to make prettier ones next time!

  7. How cuuuuute on the last pic!

    I think you did a good job on the tips!

  8. Hi Brooke!

    Thank you :) I wanted the tips to be much longer but as always I accidentally overfiled. The index and middle fingers look ok but my ring finger is too bulky haha.

    I can't belive they fell asleep together but yeah I was smiling when I took that last picture :D