Sunday, August 9, 2009

47: Expo manicure

Hi Boys and Girls :)

I just wanted to share Expo mani for the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo today. I'm super excited as you can see because I've been mentioning it to everyone since Thursday night! I asked my boyfriend what I should do and he came up with an idea for me. He told me to do a white base with purple Konad butterflies. I ended up trying the design. I used 2 coats of OPI's Alpine Snow and topped it off with 1 coat of OPI's Happy Anniversary. Then I stamped a subtle rose design all over my fingers with OPI's Do You Lilac It?. Lastly I finished it with OPI's Purple With A Purpose butterflies and a random clear rhinestone..

To be honest I really didn't like this design and it wasn't very clear. I think my boyfriend picked this becuase he knew it would take me a while (cause I'm such a newb at Konad) to finish so he would be able to spend his free time playing computer games with his friends. Sneaky boy!

In the end I chose to do a simple colour which is China Glaze's Verticle Rush because I didn't want to compromise my nails for any swatching or testing tomorrow!

Konad, CND, Essie, Art Of Beauty (which carry Zoya polishes) and a lot of other companies are going to be at the Expo tomorrow so I'll be sure to pick up a few Essies and Zoyas to try. Also I'm looking forward to finding some good quality powders and nail art. YAYYY!

I'll try to update you girls when I get back :D



  1. When I enlarged the photo I could see the roses. Pretty design. Sneaky boyfriend! I like the other shade it's very pretty on you. Let us know everything about the Expo. Hope you have a fabulous time.

  2. Hi Lucy!

    I like the roses too but I made the mistake of putting on Cuticle Oil too early and it didn't stamp properly :( Yeah my sneaky boyfriend was very happy and played a few hours of DOTA which is some online group game lol :D