Monday, June 22, 2009

11: NOTD

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share my nail of the day with you all and hopefully this super simple design will inspire some really great nail art :)

So I got another job working for a big company as a sales assistant here in Chatswood (the suburb I live in) and they require you to wear all black as a standard uniform. All black and no colour really bums me out so I decided to make my nails look a bit nicer to make myself happier. Now I actually don't know if this is allowed at work so I'll have to ask at my orientation on Wednesday. Hope you guys like it..

Taken with flash - Taken without flash. This was really easy to do! I put a layer of base coat (I'm using OPI's Nail Envy because I'm trying to make them grow stronger and faster) and then attach 2 heart flakies and a crystal rhinestone in the middle. After that I just sealed it together wtih my Seche Vite. When I use rhinestones I usually like to use a generous amount of top coat so it's fully protected.


I acually wasn't going to post this because I wanted to surprise the girls but I couldn't help it! After my exam today I went to a Japanese $2.50 store and bought a whole bunch of stuff which included 5 Charmmy Kitty paper bags. These bags are soo cute so I decided to use them to pack the nail polishes from the Giveaway. Millie, Mia, Missy, and Hannah you should be recieving yours in the mail soon.. hopefully :D

Hope you really enjoy them!

Anyways guys my last exam is tomorrow afternoon so I'm gonna take this time now to cram all that I can into my under-average sized brain. Hope I pass!



  1. That is such a cute look! I love it and will definitely try that one myself :)
    I'm so excited to receive my package! You've done them so well! Thank you so much :)

  2. Hi Millie!

    No problems at all! I hope you do try out this look. I'm sure you'll do a great job :))
    Hope you have fun with the nail art pens xx

  3. I love the nail art you did there - so delicate and cute ! I hope it would be fine with your work (personally I don't see a reason why not :-) )
    And these bags are tooooooooooo cute !!! It is so my :-)

  4. lovee your mani hun g0rjuz as usual

  5. hey hun just wanted to let you know ive advertised you site on one of my posts hope you dont mind mwahhh =D

  6. Hi Tuli!

    Thanks for such a sweet compliment :D
    I really hope they're ok with nail art or else I'm going to have to start wearing multicoloured headbands or socks. Those bags are super cute! I was so surprised they were only $2.50 for 5 :)


    Honestly I have no idea why but you make me laugh the most with your comments! They're just so cute :) I hope you're being patient with waiting for your nails to grow back. The waiting can be a huge pain. Remember to moisturize your hands and fingers daily cause sometimes cracking or splitting can be due to dry nails xx

  8. omg the kitty bags are SO CUTE!!!!

    And its in such a lovely shade of baby pink too <3

    can't wait *excited*

    ps: i like the idea of using stones and flakes to make french tips. its cute AND shiny *_*

  9. Hi Hana!

    Aww thanks for such a nice comment :)
    I really do hope you enjoy your Missha polishes! The bag was still in OK condition when I sent it I wonder what it'll look like when it reaches you? Anyways you can definitely use a quick nail art to make any tips I think it's the easiest form of a non fussy manicure xx

  10. Cute idea for a manicure. I would go nuts having to wear all black. I love color so much. Oh well you just have to find another way to add it. Hope you can wear colorful nails at least.

  11. Hey Joyceee why were u up 2 4am in the morning young ladi hehehehe ye i was up aswell i slept at 6.30am ouff ouff. Ye ill let you know about the biotin,havent noticed anything yet.Oh hey g0od luck with ur new job hun.That sux about the all black,ive had a job like that i always jazz it up a bit with a funki ring and nails and some bright but reasonable eye shadow. Hope ur well hun mwaaaaaahzzzzzzzzz

  12. HeY hUn h0w aRe y0u?
    Ch3ck 0ut mY BLoG 2
    sEe YoUr aWarD!hOpE
    YoUr weLL TaKe cAre

  13. Hi Skye!

    I'm finally back! I feel so relieved to have finished with my exams and new work training too! I've been playing around with my 3D art a lot haha learning new things and copying some cute designs. I'll try to update often and I'll message you sooner :)

    PS. Your nails are at a nice length.. short and sweet!

  14. Hi Lucy!

    Thanks but I wish that my nails would grow just a little bit more :) I actually have to ask my sales supervisor about the colourful nails but it should be all ok. Black is super boring isn't it? But the place where I work we get 30% staff discount off anything black! So at least there's a positive side to it :p