Monday, June 29, 2009

14: 3D Nail art on fingers..

Hi Lovelies

I couldn't resist! We got back to my boyfriend's home quite early today so I decided to practice some more 3D stuff but this time on actual fingernails! I have the world's smallest fingernails so it was very tedious to do any 3D nail art on my fingers but luckily my boyfriend let me use his fingers (1 hand cause he was busy playing a computer game with his other hand) for practice!!! :)

Again I could only do one hand because he was busy with his stupid computer game but I have to admit he is super great for helping me out with this :D

He had such huge fingernails I was so shocked! I made this bow super big to fit is creepy nails haha :)

I originally made a heart on his middle finger and left his index and ring fingers blank. He said that I should add an 'i' and a 'u' so he can flash me his fingers whenever I get mad at him.

This flower is actually quite small and it looks uneven to me. I give myself 3/5 for this one. Must practice more!

I feel like I only have 2 more days to fool around because from Thursday on I'll have a packed 3-4 days! I'm starting work on Thursday and I'm working from 5pm until 9pm at David Jones in Chatswood Chase (come say hi if you're in Chatswood!) then Friday I'm going to the Jay Chou (he's some famous Taiwanese singer) concert at Acer Arena then Saturday I have to wake up early for another job PLUS I have to help Kadi move his stuff into my house. I swear I think my mom loves my boyfriend more than me. She offered to take him in for as long as he wanted to stay lol but he's only going to stay until he finds another place to live.

We're watching the new Transformers movie tomorrow yay! Have you guys seen it yet? Would you recommend it?



This is absolutely not related to anything regarding nails but I wanted to properly introduce myself. I'm actually a 23 year old Asian girl (how many of you knew I was Chinese?) but anyways lol I'm Canadian but I've been living in Sydney with my mom for almost 3 years now. I grew up in Toronto, Ontario. I love to watch Grey's Anatomy (omg I was so shocked at the season finale! 007!), 30 Rock (Tina Fey is just brilliant) and Family Guy (Stewie is my absolute favourite evil baby). I'm going to be graduating this year with a BSci Psychology major degree and I attended both University of Toronto and University of Sydney. I've met such amazing a nice people here in Sydney and I also miss my friends super much in Toronto. I love to travel and shop for shoes (who doesn't?!), Hello Kitty, my family and friends and of course my baby dog (she's actually 5 years old this year) Meeka. I hope you guys will leave me some comments and tell me a little bit about yourselves too!

This is Kadi (pronounced KAH-dee but I screw it up all the time and call him KAI-dee) and I in Canberra the capital of Australia. My boyfriend has a bit of a belly in this picture but he's actually gotten chubby because of me. I don't know about you guys but I love food! I love to taste all kinds of food but maybe it's because of my bad eating habits I only like to try a little of each thing. Because of that poor Kadi here is forced to finish up the rest because I hate wasting food. I think he's put on around 5kg since we met back in December 2008 lol. Anyways that's not what this picture is about. You guys see that denim handbag I'm carrying? It's actually by Marc Jacobs and I got it for free! Kadi and I went to buy shoes at a store called The Corner Shop at The Strand and while I was trying on the shoes I the whole time I was just quietly chit chatting with one of the employees. We talked about the most randomest things like shoes (of course), going to Japan, taking sticker photos and other weird stuff. In the end when we were ready to pay for the shoes she brought out this bag and gave it to me as a gift because she said she really enjoyed our conversation! I think it was such a nice gesture and this just goes to show that a little smile and maybe even a greeting can cheer someone up even if they're having a crummy day. The world would be such a better place! I'm actually glad I started blogging because I really feel that the fellow bloggers I've met are so special and nice and it's also great that we all share the same passion for nails :)

Here's another one of us at Circular Quay in front of the Harbour Bridge just because we love being dumb and taking pictures of ourselves :p


  1. That was so sweet of your bf to let y ou practice on him! lol was he playing dota again? Enjoy your movie tomorrow, I thought it was entertaining.

  2. Hi Kae!

    Yeah I had to kinda trick him into it though but in the end he just gave up and let me play with his fingers haha. Actually I think he found himself a new game cause he plays dota when he's with his friends at the internet cafe. I have no idea (as usual) what this new one is about. Something about building a city and making people pay taxes and going to war in ancient China lol. Did any of that make sense? :p

  3. HIIII JOYCEEE *Wavezzz*
    I loveee this post its so great to put a face to those nails hehehehe I really like the info u gave and its nice to know lil more about you! Ur so lucky ur bf let you do his nails, my hub hate my nail polish hehehe he thinks i have some weird obsession but i keep telling him all girls are the same when it come to polish hehehee. Ur getting really good at these 3d nail art its looking amazing! I just want to see more more moreeee! Hope y0ur well hun. mWaHzZZzzzZ

  4. Hi Skye!

    I agree 100% it's definitely a girl thing! Sweetie you should totally let me do your nails! It would be super fun to meet up and just do each other nails haha that would be crazy. Imagine all our stash!!! I had to beg for a while before he let me touch his fingernails but yeah I guess he's kinda an ok guy lol. Hope you're having a great week hun xx

  5. thanx Joyce itz a date we should deffinately meet up hehehe shopping,nails,food what more could u want hehehe!Hey congratz on the David Jones job,thats excellent,I thought it was there when you said all black uniform there or myer I was thinking.I personally dont think I have alot of polish but he just thinks its way to much lol I think i need more more more! oh ye I was gonna ask what ur msn if you have one and feel comfortable giving it.Anyway darl hope ur well tc =D

  6. Skye!

    You crazy girl it's so late again are you still blogging? Me msn email is if you wanna add me. I'm actually not online a lot of the times because I'm usually on appear offline (I'm sneaky like that haha). We can definitely meet up sometime! I'll take you to the nail supply place I was telling you about :) Anyways sweetie let's chat soon xx

  7. SKYE! I typed "me msn email is.." lol I sound like a pirate!

  8. LOL np Joyce I thought it was like one of them true blue aussie moments lol u know when they talk like AY MATE PASS ME,ME BEER lol jokes ive added u so hopefully ill talk to u s0on. take care hehehe
    p.s im a vampire well not really but i sleep all day and stay awake all night lol

  9. Hi Joyce, it's nice to meet you. Thanks for the pictures and posts. It's nice to see who's blogging. I love everything to do with makeup and nails. I love to look at the 3d art. I've seen some really amazing nails. I've always wanted to see Australia. It would be a very long plane ride for me. I hope you post often. It's really a bugaboo for me when someone starts a blog and doesn't post much or at all. You take your time to get interested and comment and then nothing. It's also so nice to have a two way conversation. I still think it's so amazing that I can write to anyone in the world immediately. I've only had a computer for 3 years. So I'm not really good with it. I can just do basic things. I don't use acrylics or any fake nails. I just have my little nubbins. I'm trying to grow them. They peel some so they break off. They are getting better. Talk to you soon.

  10. JAY CHOU! YOU'RE GOING TO SEE JAY CHOU OMG ALFALDFHALFAS!!!! I have yet to attend a concert of his and I heard a rumor about him quitting his career in 5 years time and I am all sadfacey here because I SIMPLY MUST ATTEND HIS CONCERT BEFORE THAT. JAY PLEASE COME TO LA!!! lol.

    You're Chinese too! Shocker o.0 I always thought you were Korean or something XD

    You love food and I love food too. My secret dream is to earn tons of money so I can sample ALL the food in the world *shy*

    He said that I should add an 'i' and 'u' so he can flash me his fingers whenever I get mad at him

  11. Hi HANA! :D

    You love Jay Chou?! I actually got the tickets for my boyfriend cause he's a big fan and it worked out well cause one of my friends is good friends with the Production Company's boss' daughter so we got special sponsor seats for regular VIP prices! I think Kadi's gonna be happy about that. I'll try to be sneaky and take some pictures for you but you know what's even cooler? One of my friends is actually working as Jay's bodyguard!!! He told me a week ago and he even said that he'll be with him 24 hours a day for 4-5 days. He's also going to try to get me an autograph hahah we'll see how that goes :p Funny you should think that I'm Korean I have a tonne of Korean friends and I learned Korean for 2 years in Uni and I just got a haircut so I look super Korean now too! But no I'm fully Chinese :D omgomgomgomg I love food so much SO MUCH! what's your favourite?

  12. Hi Lucy!!!

    I hope I can post often and talk to you often :D I used to live in Canada so I know all about the long plane flights. Before we moved to Australia we actually visited 3 or 4 times and everytime it took approx. 26 hours by plane. What a nightmare! But if you do get to chance to come and see Sydney definitely take it. It's really beautiful here :) PS. If your nails are sensitive you should try a nail strengthener and also remember to take good care of your hands by applying hand lotion and cuticle oils! xx

  13. Love doesn't even begin to describe my obsession =3 His music is like crazy cool <3 SPECIAL SEATS omg *envious* And where did your friend sign up for that cuz I AM SO GONNA TOO lol. Ask him to sneakily take pics of Jay for me XD

    I love SUSHI! And Sashimi! And sob-- lol actually I adore Japanese food like anything *____* Love dimsum too! Sigh I LOVE EVERYTHING. But yeah, don't think I can get sick of sushi ever :d

  14. Hana!

    I'll see what I can do :) I heard the same thing about him retiring in 5 years but I think he's moving on to the film part of his career like directing movies or something. Anyways we'll see how his concert goes. I haven't listened to his songs in a while..
    GOSH i love japanese food too! And I think korean food is super yummy :)