Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hi Girls!

I really wanted to post something new and fun today but my thumb wound still isn't fully healed yet so I figured that since I have nail class tomorrow morning I will take some pictures and show you my class :)

As for now I'm stuck at an internet cafe called City Hunter here in Burwood which is about 30 minutes from Chatswood (where I live). I've been here for the past 3 hours and honestly I'm about to blow my brains out! This place is FILLED with boys playing computer games :(

Supposedly there's this game called World of Warcraft and all the boys are hooked on this game. They log online and play 'DOTA'? which is like some universal online war thing (i have absolutely no idea about). I'm trying hard to understand the game but my boyfriend won't even take time off the screen to teach me lol. It's actually quite funny because from time to time random people scream out the dumbest things to their computer screens. So to sum it up I'm here singing songs to myself while he's sitting beside me killing his enemies. Fun Fun Fun :)

But I promise that I will have a fun and interesting post for you guys tomorrow. See you then!

PS. If any of you girls play this game would you please explain it in SUPER SIMPLE form to me so I can understand too?

PPS. To all the girls who have requested an item from the giveaway I will send items out next Wednesday so be on the lookout for an email from me soon :D



  1. World of Warcraft is actually not related to Dota. Dota is a map in Warcraft 3 where you have 2 teams that fight neutral "creeps" (npcs) and other people's heroes. Man this already sounds confusing.

    World of warcraft is a monthly subscription game where you make a character and advance that character. From your post it sounds like they are playing dota in WC3. I actually play dota myself its extremely competitive and scary lol! ok sorry for the long comment =x

  2. hey joyce its skye just checking in thanks for the reply,thats great about the bankstown thing im fairly close im in liverpool.I know what you mean about the whole game thing my hubby plays world at war religously and the worst is they can talk to eachother over blue tooth ahhh sooo annoyinng they get right into it...anyway hun take care =D

  3. Hi Kae!

    Thanks for explaining it to me. I feel sooo stupid to have gotten it wrong hahah. But I was there for 3 hours yesterday and omg even though I don't know what was going on it was still kinda exciting to see the boys all excited :)

  4. Hi Skye

    That's great so maybe you can check it out sometime. If not next time I go there for a visit I'll let you know and if you need anything I can pick some stuff up for you :)
    How long has your hubby been playing the game for? Do you understand it? Or are you totally confused like I am?

  5. I've heard of the game but never played it. I don't think I'd be good at it. I play games from Big Fish. I like time simulation games. Even then I'm not always the best at it. Those other games are confusing and when I read about them my eyes cross.

  6. thanks heaps Joyce check out on my page i got a fiew nail stickers you might be interested in if you are let me know ill grab them for you.I was reading you live in chatswood i was there about a month ago i went out there to go get some konad plates.Hubbiez been playing for about 10months now and its every night because in the night more of the over seas players jump online and play so he enjoys talking with them whilst playing the game and amazingly enough there is actually a fiew females that play mainly from England i dont know i find it strange because Call of duty world at war is based on WWII so its basically 2 teams shooting each other trying to get the head quarters kinda like trying to protect there flag its quite visual as well.Really quite annoying his so into it he spends hours on it. There was actually an article in cosmopolitan the magazine about men and there games and are the women of the 21st century becoming widows to a game console lol.I thought i was the only one but i think as the saying goes BOYS AND THERE TOYS hehehhe

  7. Hi Lucy!

    I know what you mean! The only game I can play is UNO hahah I'm so lame xx

  8. Skye!

    You are the sweetest! I have a tonne of nail stickers too and I haven't found time to use any of them lol. I bought my stickers at a store called Missha at QVB it's a super small store and I actually think it's a Korean brand but they have really really cute and pretty nail decals! You go to Chatswood for Konad stuff too?! I bought my konad stuff there a few times but actually I found that ordering from OC Nailart is so much simpler and I think cheaper too? Did you meet the store owner at Chatswood? Her name is Jessica and she does really great eyelash extensions! I was there for some Konad stuff last time and I saw her do it on a random girl. It came out so pretty :)
    Your hubby compared to my boyfriend lol. My guy has been playing for 5 years! But once we started dating he kinda gave it up for me.. KINDA lol.

  9. hehhehehe yeah i dont know why they loveeee these games soo much hehehehe and with the the stickers sometimes i like doing my own nail art i feel with stickers im cheating a bit but there just soo cute.As for chatswood im not sure what her name was but i did notice she had tattooed eye brows or drawn on but they were really nice and perfect i love fake lashes i just started getting into them there store was tiny well it felt tiny and it was next to the station so it took us a while to find parking and when we did we had to pay for it. i think in the end its much easier just buying of internet because by the time we get there we use almost a tank of petrol so ill just order online in future.Where do u do ur nail classes ur quite good at it! hope your well take care hun =D

  10. haha I think we are talking about the same store! She's actually very nice if you get to chat with her. I found that store through eBay and she offered me free shipping which is local pickup. When I saw that her store was in Chatswood I was so surprised! I think you should try ordering from OC Nailart sometime. Shipping is quite fast and best of all it's free and there are many 20% off codes floating around the blogs :) As for my classes I'm learning in the City. Megumi's (my teacher) salon is on the 1st floor in the Dymocks building but everything is by appointment. If you're interested in taking a class let me know and I can send you her email xx

  11. hiii joycee i dont think im good enough to do a course hhehhehe ill probly stuff up to much and the city is sooo far from me but thanks for the offer.Im waiting on a package from ebay for a base coat called Nail Tek ridge filler oh and some little square rhinestones i hate the waiting proces =( ur nails look great with the gel u did a great job they look very trying to grow my nails i use so many methods its takes forever but. hope your well. take care =)

  12. Hey Skye!

    Oh yeah you said you lived in Liverpool! Gosh I remember now Liverpool is super far from the city right? I know what you mean! Waiting for packages are the worst haha I always order stuff from eBay and I always hope that it would get to me sooner I always loose track of time. Thanks for your compliment. Actually I did it very dodgy-ly.. so some of the gels lifted :( I'll give it another try next time though. OOh if you're trying to grow your fingernails I read on a blog called 'My Manicure' that there are these pills called Biotin or something that helped her grow her nails really fast! I think I have that blog listed on my 'Bible' list so if you have time check it out! She's so talented with her nail art xx

  13. Hey Joyce thanx for the tip with those pills i wonder if they sell them in aus!Ye liverpool is agesss away from city...Hope u had a greattt weekend,take care =)

  14. Interesting!

    Thanks for sharing.