Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6: Giveaway

Hello Ladies! (and Gentlemen if there are any..)

I'm sorry I didn't get to post anything nail related today but 2 of my nails broke while I was cleaning my room and just now I managed to somehow cut my thumb with a Konad scraper (how bizzare is that?! but be careful because those things are actually quite sharp!)

Anyways I wanted to thank all you guys for coming here to read my posts and for leaving such funny and sweet comments :) Also I noticed there are followers now! I wanted to follow your blogs too but I'm totally dumb with this blogger thing so instead I have added your blog to 'My Bible' which is in the sidebar.. Hope that's okay!

So today I really wanted to make a step-by-step post on how I do my manicures. Everything from shaping - buffing - shining - painting but since I just cut my thumb I didn't think it was a good idea to get any nail polish remover near the cut because it might sting so instead I cleaned out my little nail stash drawer and I found a new polishes and other little knick knacks I thought you guys might like.

It's a giveaway. Now please keep in mind that everything I'm about to list has been used before but I have sanitized most of them including the Konads. Nail polish on the other hand is a bit harder to santize so I just left those alone for now. Everything I'm listing is less than 3 months old and the reason I'm giving them away is because I feel that someone else might use them more than I will. Also because I wanted to say thanks for all the new friends I've made!

Because of exams I haven't had time to go shopping for new nail toys but once I do I'll be sure to pick up some better things for you guys! Now if you're not picky and don't mind some 2nd hand products I'll show you what I have to give :)

#1 Konad Scraper and Stamper - Reserved for May

#2 Konad Scraper and Stamper - Reserved for Dustbunny

#3 Revlon Nail Polish - Reserved for Missy Pratt

#4 Konad Special Nail Polish (mini size) - Reserved for Mia Santoso

#5 - Nail Art Pen - Reserved for Millie!

#6 Ulta Glitter Nail Polish - Reserved for Hannah Sim

#7 Missha Nail Polish - Reserved for Hannah Sim.

As you can see I've grouped the items into 2s and they're listed from #1 to #7. If you'd like me to send any of the above items please leave a comment with your..

Full name
Email Address
The number of your preferred gift

Since I only have 7 items available to choose from they will be given away by first come first serve. I will read all of my comments and once someone chooses their item I will update this post by crossing out the number and listing the person's name so you all know it's taken.

I know it's nothing special but still I'm sure you can have some fun with my preloved nail polish and accessories. I'll leave it here for now and I'll talk to you fine ladies soon!

PS. What do you guys think of my cellphone? Too much? I went a bit crazy with all the Swarovski rhinestones but look how shiny :)



  1. Hi Joyce! Glad to have another nail blog to read. Very sweet of you to have a giveaway. I really don't need anything. I have the same Konad stamp. I haven't even used it. When I get the polish on I think it looks so pretty I don't Konad it. Boy was that a long winded one. I like your bandaid. Very cute. Sorry about your cut. I was wondering if that edge was sharp. I'll be careful of it.

  2. Hi Lucy!

    Your comment is so adorable! I was actually cleaning the blade and somehow it just slid against the thumb near the cuticle and it started bleeding a lot! Although it's a duller blade we should still be careful when cleaning :) These giveaways are just a last minute thing.. After exams when I have more time I'll include some nail art items. Maybe you can take something home then xx

  3. Hi Joyce!

    So nice of you to give stuff away! I love them all!

    I would really like #5 but I'm in the UK so absolutely no worries if that's too far!

    My email address is -
    sarah.millard @yahoo.co.uk

    Also thank you so much for adding me to your 'My Bible@ list :)

  4. I forgot to say that your mobile is so cute!

  5. Hi Glittermillie!

    Absolutely no problems! I'll go ahead and list that as yours! As for shipping the items I'll have to do it once all the 7 items are taken but I'll definitely email you to ask for your address when I start shipping! Hope you enjoy it :D xx

    PS. I love your blog. Your nails are so beautiful :)

  6. Missy Pratt

    I found your blog and really am enjoying it. If no-one has already claimed them, then I'll put in a call for #3 - I love those colors!

  7. Hi Missy!

    Sure you can have #3! You will love it! I love the teal colour and the red is stunning! As for shipping the items I'll have to do it once all the 7 items are taken but I'll definitely email you to ask for your address when I start shipping! Hope you enjoy it :D xx

  8. Hi Joyce!

    I love your cellphone. It looks so cute.

    I'd really love #4 if no one has taken those items :)

    Mia Santoso

    P.S: May I link your blog to mine? Thanks :)

  9. Hello Mia!

    I have gone ahead and reserved #4 for you :) Now as for shipping the items I'll have to do it once all the 7 items are taken but I'll definitely email you to ask for your address when I start shipping! Hope you enjoy your tiny gift :D xx

  10. Hi there!

    Found your blog through Brooke's post :) Gotta say that I totally love your nails pics after looking thru your blog :D There aren't many blogs for shorter nails lol so your site is awesome for me.

    Btw, I'll like to have number 7 if no one had requested that yet? ^^

    Ps: LOVE YOUR CELLPHONE!!!! IT'S GORGEOUS! Like those Japanese blinged out phones <3

    Hannah Sim

  11. Hi Hannnah :)

    Gosh I love your name! Sure I'll go ahead and reserve #7 for you! As for shipping the items I'll have to do it once all the 7 items are taken but I'll definitely email you to ask for your address when I start shipping! Hope you enjoy your gift :D xx

  12. Hi Kelliegonzo!

    HAHAH thanks! My boyfriend hates it cause I use that sometimes to blind him in the eyes every morning. I can't help it it's so shiny and everything lol. The kit that I used actually came with a huge hello kitty head but I thought that would've been TOO much :p

  13. I love what you did to your phone!

    I would like #1 if it's still available.


  14. hi jouce!

    i would like to have the #2 since my konad stamper isn't functional right now it would be great to have another one!



  15. Hi May!

    Sorry I didn't see your comment until just now! Sure it is still available and I'll be more than happy to post it for you :) I'll be sending you an email soon xx

  16. Hi Dustbunny :)

    What a cute name! Sure I'd be more than happy to send you #2. I'll send you an email soon and you can reply me with your mail address ok? xx

  17. Thanks joyce! Sent you an email with my address :D