Monday, June 8, 2009


Hi again!

Sorry for all these random posts but I'm soooo awake right now but it's already 1:30am. Blaaarg! I made the mistake of taking a power nap today during dinner time and now i can't fall asleep :( I decided to look through my old pictures to see if there was a special nails related photo album I could put together and I found old pictures of when my nails were super short and also my 'I LOVE GEL NAILS' phase :)

Back when I was still a first year uni student I didn't take care of my hands at all. I had really dry and cracked hands and fingers. Especially in Toronto when the winters were super cold but now I always have my Herbacin Chamomile & Glycerin Hand Cream (my mom was nice enough to haul some back for me from Canada.. I don't think they have this here in Australia) and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle balm (which my cousin gave to me from one of her Priceline gift samples) Also check out my nails. Look at how short they are. I find that with short nails it's easier to pull off more dramatic colours. Very fashionable :)

I work for the Management office of a shopping centre so a lot of the times if a new tenant has a grand opening we are usually invited to the party functions. During that time a new bar was opening up in the shopping centre so my manager and I were both invited. I went to my favourite nail tech (Emma from Miss Divine) and she said I could try gel nails if I wanted to achieve more length. I had a set done and from then on I was hooked! I couldn't wait to get infills and prayed every night that my nails would grow faster just so I could go back to Emma and have her design a new set for me. I loved the gels but it did take me a couple of days to get used to them. In this picture Emma made the gel nails and applied a shimmery purple glitter french tip. I added the rhinestones a week later just for a bit of change.

In this picture Emma made gel nails with a classic white french tip. She used clear gel and the french tip look was actually airbrushed on with white paint. The nails were a bit too long for me so I asked her to file them down a bit. A week later I applied a coat of shimmer polish and added pearls for a different look (also to hide my much needed infill area). NOTE* If you do have acrylic or gel nails and you start to notice the growth but can't be bothered going in for infills you can try to change the design like I did and use pearls or rhinestones to cover up the area until you have time to see your nail tech.

My Nail Art Hobby course actually has a gel nails lesson and I should be starting that in a few weeks time. I'll be sure to take many pictures and show everyone what the process is along with all the other special stuff.

PS. The dark green in the short nail picture is China Glaze's Gussied Up Green. My friend Teresa says it looks like mussels. What a weird girl :p

Good morning/afternoon/night everyone..



  1. Your nails are very nice! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog and your experience in a nail hobby class. What a cool thing! I wish we had that here. Is it through a beauty school? Such a good idea to put baubles in the fill area! I had fake nails long ago and my nails grew so quickly I had to keep up with it every week, which was too expensive. Makes me want to try that out now!

  2. Hi Kaybee!

    I don't know how to reply to comments so I'll just have to post again lol. Actually I live in Sydney and I found my current teacher online through a CND educator website! I don't get to graduate with a nail tech certificate (although she does offer those courses). She told me to just try the hobby course first and see at the end if I would still be interested in Nail Art. She's really nice and she's Japanese so she's big on nail art too! You should see her studio it's pink and soo girly :)

    You should definitely try out that pearly design.. it'll definitely save you some money and give you a fresh design! BTW I gave you a shoutout for being my first commentor haha. Hope to talk to you soon xx

  3. Your gel nails are so pretty. I love all the Japanese nail art. Some of it is so over the top. But I still enjoy looking at it. Good idea for people with nails that need filling in. I've never had fake nails. Mine are very short right now. I'm having problems with peeling on the ends on some of my nails. I just chop them off and keep hoping they'll grow.

  4. Lucy have you ever thought about using a nail strengthener? I used OPI's Nail Envy because my nails were weak after the fake nails. I didn't see much of a big difference but there was definitely less breakage! If you search around the other nail blogs they might recommend some really good ones. I haven't tried anything else except Nail Envy. When I have time I'd like to make some crazy japanese nail art too lol. I'll let you know how things go :)