Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hello Lovlies

I'm so so so sorry for the lack of updates but as many of you know I did my own gel nails last thursday and as expected they lifted! I'm still mourning the condition of my nails. So I've gone ahead and removed them but now my nails are extremely sensitive and they're super short like stubs lol. So again I wanted to apologize and also to let everyone know that my next update will most likely be this Thursday because I have my 3D Nail Art class that day. I'll be sure to update you guys on my newbie 3D Nail Art quest! Also my internet seems to be a bit weird lately. I can't get my wireless to work properly so I've actually been stealing my cousin's laptop. He has Windows XP installed and that works fine. Maybe it's another one of Vista's buggies.

Update: To the ladies who have requested something from the giveaway I will be mailing the items out on Thursday not Wednesday sorry. I'm going to be studying on Wednesday. Also I have sent emails requesting your mailing address. If you can kindly reply me back I will have those items shipped to you as soon as possible :)

I'm also expecting to visit my friendly nail supply store sometime after my exams which is next Tuesday so when July is approaching there will 10000% be a huuuge post of my nail polish collections as well as a photospam of all the colours! I can't wait for exams to end :)))

Talk to you guys soon!



  1. Ahhhh JOYCEEEEEEEEEEEE ur aliveee hehehehe i was getting worried there for a moment i kept checking back to ur blog seeing if there was any updates hehehehe hope your doing well. Good luck with your examz and i hope ur nails get better soon =( take care

  2. Sorry to hear about the condition of your nails! I hate when my nails are in bad condition in anyway :(
    I've just checked my email and there's nothing from you...maybe I gave my address wrong last time? It's sarah.millard@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you!

  3. can't wait to see your 3d nail art :)

    anyway,I haven't received your email.. my email address is miavania@gmail.com, in case I gave it wrong last time..

  4. Hi Skye!

    You're soo sweet to be checking up on me haha. Yes fortunately I have not been killed yet by my dummy exams but soon judgement day will come for me. I'll let you know how it all goes. Nail art tomorrow yay! Although I really should be studying.. oooooh well :p

  5. Hi Kae!

    Thanks for the well wishes! I'll try my best and study hard but hopefully everything will be okay. Talk to you soon xx :)

  6. Hii Sarah :)

    I knooooow my poor nails are so thin right now lol. I can't do any nice designs on it cause my original nails are actually super small. I hope they grow out soon so I can do some nice swatches for you guys :)

    I've sent you another email hope you get it this time! xx

  7. Hi Mia!

    I got your mailing address and everything is good to go! I'm not sure how long it'll take to mail to Indonesia but hopefully you'll get the little package soon :)

  8. Hi Joycee how are you?Yeah I did some research on the internet about the Biotin they have one with natures own and blackmores but theres also one called Hair Nails and Skin. Im not sure which one im going to get im going to check out priceline,chemist and woolworths tomorrow hopefully.Ill let you know what i get. take care hun =D

  9. What a shame but that's bound to happen when you use your nails for learning. Good luck on all of your exams.

  10. Hi Skye!

    If you do try the pills let me know if it works well. I was sooooo tempted to try it too cause I have super stubby hands right now lol. Hope you hear from you soon! xx

  11. Hi Lucy!

    I know I should've learned my lesson from last time but it's okay I had fun learning lol. Thanks for your well wishes. I'll update you after my exams! xx

  12. Hi Joyce h0w are you just checking up! Still havent bought the Biotin yet hopefully fridayyy hope all is well take care =)