Sunday, June 28, 2009

13: 3D Nail art continued..

Hi Girls & Boys :))

So I've been at it again! This 3D stuff sure is addicting. I played around with my powders and liquids for another solid 2 hours today (again at my boyfriend's place) and honestly I think I'm used to the nasty monomer smell now. I asked my teacher what she thought of the acrylic smell and she said that after 15 years of being a nail technician it now smells like CND's Solar Oil lol. I've taken some pictures to show you guys of the little items I made today. Hope you like them..

This is my take on a simple 5 petal flower. This time I was able to make the petals the right size (after many many times of trial and error)

This is another version of a bow. This one was easier to make and I actually think it looks cuter.

Flower #2. This one was quite interesting to make. I read a tutorial from the My Manicure blog (which is listed in My Bible) and in her post she taught her readers how to make this flower. Asami's version is beautiful. This was the best I could do. Must practice more!

CANDY with blue rhinestones! I'm a total fan of a girl named Mitsue because she is just amazing with anything acrylic related. Her blog is the Mini Nail Blog (which is also listed in My Bible) and I visit her very often. I got this inspiration from her because her last post was sweets related :D

Last but not least. This was by far my favourite out of the 5. I have a really pretty swarovski butterfly hair clip beside me and honestly I wanted to keep playing with the acrylics so I just decided to do this one on impulse. I was actually surprised cause I think it turned out pretty well!

I love playing around and experimenting with 3D nail art! My only problem is that I make them waaay to big to fit on anyone's fingers lol. Must practise more so I can make my own pretty nail art :) NOTE* I had a lot of trouble getting the rhinestones to stick on to the acrylic. I like to press them into the acrylic itself when the acrylic is still mould-able. But acrylic cures within 2 minutes so that's what you want to do then you have to get it in there fast! If not then the only option is to use nail glue to attach the rhinestones. Also you can choose to add a clear glossy top coat over your 3D nail art to make it shiny but I like the texture it is (a bit matte) without the top coat.

Anyways I'm off to watch some Family Guy now :p

Tomorrow (Monday) is my haircut and $5 date with Kadi day so I might not be able to post anything. But hang in there you guys cause I'll try to have some awesome pictures of nail polish swatches for you soon!



  1. The butterfly is absolutely adorable!

  2. Hey Joyce keep up the great work there looking fab!

    Umm at bankst0wn could y0u get me the address and get me like some prices of polishes and tell me whats there!

    Take care hun


  3. I can see why that would be addictive! They all look great but love the butterfly!

  4. Hi Kae!

    Thank you so much I love it too! It was super hard to get the rhinestones to stick on for some reason. The glue I used wasn't super sticky :(

  5. Hi Skye!

    Hun I didn't get to go to Bankstown today because I woke up late to get my haircut. But maybe I'll head over on Wednesday cause that's actually my pay day YAYYY! I'll definitely message you to let you know about the prices! That place is amazing you should definitely check it out!

  6. Hi Millie :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I had so much fun playing around with this for the past 3 days but I think I should take a break cause the fumes are just too much to handle! Hope you're having fun with the nail art pen. I wanna see more designs from you soon xx