Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hi Good Lookin' :)

I wanted to hold out until after Tuesday (when I finish exams) to send you all a decent post (one that you guys totally deserve) but I feel so bad for abandoning my little blog and I miss talking to you girls so much! So I've stopped by for a mini post! It's nothing much but I did my nails at work today. You guys might be wondering where I work since I get to play with my nail polishes but it's really nothing related. I work in an office on the weekends all by myself and our filing cabinet was locked which meant that I couldn't do any filing so I decided to paint the digits (nails). Now similar to the rest of you I'm sure that there's a special brand of nail polish that you looove and always trust. For me those polishes are OPIs and China Glazes. But I was travelling with a group of my friends back in February and we went to Gold Coast which was about a 1.5 hour flight from Sydney. One night we got bored and went around Surfer's Paradise just browsing and buying some random knick knacks. I needed to remove my old manicure because the water from the ocean and the chlorine from the pool had killed most of the design and it was starting to look ugly lol. Anyways I found the Chemist (the chemist is like a pharmacy for those not from Australia) and noticed that they had out huge boxes of nail polish called Ulta3. The thing is these polishes were only $2AUD each! Considering a bottle of OPI sells for $20AUD at David Jones I quickly dug my way into the piles of nail polish. I managed to find colours that I absolutely LOVE. One of them was a gray chrome and it just somehow managed to look good on ANYONE's nails (no matter the colour of your skintone.. all of my friends tried it the night I bought it). And the other one was this..

Taken without flash - Taken with flash

This colour is called Candied Violet and it may not come out as that on the pictures but in real life this is similar to Dorothy's red ruby shoes.. if those shoes were a light purple with a subtle hint of pink. The reason why I compared them this was is because of the mircoglitter sparkle. They shine from a block away and I just love it. When it is fully dry it feels like a matte nail polish but a generous coat of seche vite will smooth it all out. I'll take a picture of the bottle for you guys when there's some sun to see if I can correctly capture it's true colour.

I know this isn't much bit I still hope you guys enjoyed :) If you have time please let me know what polish brand is your trusty go to brand and your all time FAVOURITE colour (you can only pick one). Talk to you soon!



  1. Hi Joyce! Thanks for your posts. I really enjoy them. I hate just a pic of nails and nothing else. Glad you found some nice polishes. I love that polish. Really pretty and glittery. I believe my favorite brand is China Glaze. But I also love BB Couture. The second for the fantastic greens. China Glaze has loads of amazing colors and all kinds of finishes. Hope you had a great time on your trip. When you have time I love to hear about it.

  2. I have no idea on fav brands cuz I'm still new to the sparkly world of polish but my favorite color has always been baby pink. could never go wrong on me :D

    I wonder in they sell Ulta3 in the US too? I could buy like a whole box of them lol.

  3. Hi Lucy!

    Aww thanks for such a sweet comment. I appreciate you reading about my non excitement filled life lol. I know I'm a total fan of China Glaze too but I haven't tried BB Couture. I don't think they sell it here in Australia. When I finish exams I'll see if I can post some pictures from my trip to Gold Coast! Talk to you soon xx

  4. Hello Hannah!

    I love baby pink too! It makes me feel super girly. From what I've read I Think OPI, Zoya, China Glaze and Orly are some of the more popular ones? Oh and Rescue Beauty Lounge is very popular too I think. I'm actually not sure if they sell Ulta 3 in the States but I have 2 more polishes that are blue and green glitters (their pictures at at the Giveaway post.. #6 I believe) if you're interested. Just let me know :)

  5. really? I'll like to try it then if it isn't too much of a hassle :D

  6. OMG Hannah!

    So sorry I didn't reply! I didn't see this message until now lol. BTW I've gone ahead and also sent you the ULTA3 polishes along with your Missha ones. Hope they reach you soon! :)