Sunday, June 7, 2009

2: Photospam

Hello Again!

I wanted to share some pictures of my so called newbie collection. Enjoy!
(Please click on the photos to enlarge)

My unmanicured hands and wonky natural fingernails. Sorry for the messy cuticles!

This is my little drawer. It stores all my Nail polishes, Manicure/Pedicure tools, Nail art stickers and Fimo, Konad kits, and Rhinestone wheels.

I collect mostly OPI and China Glaze nail polishes. There are the occasional special colours or the cheap dollar store brands. Also, Chanel's Rouge Noir is one exception. Everybody needs a classic deep red.

Manicure/Pedicure tools. Nail brush - Cuticle pusher - Cuticle cutter - Files/Buffers (CND Girlfriend Buffer) - Cuticle oil (CND Solar Oil)

Kit #1: Random kit. Files - Nail glue - Rhinestone wheels - Nail decals. NOTE* When filing your natural nails be sure to use a file that's no less than 200/220 grit because I find that when I use anything less than 200 my natural nails are a bit weaker and tend to crack.

Kit #2: Konad kit. I'm pretty sure everyone's already heard of Konad. This is my little sample. Image plate holder - Image plates - Scrapers - Stampers - Special nail polishes. I buy my Konad products from OC Nail Art. Kathleen is super nice and shipping is free (even international)! Website:

Kit #3: Nail art kit. This little box contains some of the things I use for my amateur nail art. Rhinestones - Fimo flowers - Fimo fruits - Nail art Pens. NOTE* I bought these really cute nail art pens at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year. If you're interested, you can visit their website and see their special offers. The good thing about their product is that you can send your empty bottles back for free refills. All you have to do is pay for the shipping. I bought the 'Black Collection' (I have no idea why they named it that considering all the colours are pastels) for about $30AUD. Website:

My rhinestone wheels. I bought these from sellers all over eBay. I find that the cheaper ones are usually the ones that have a nail art eBay store and ship from Hong Kong. If you're looking to purchase a lot of rhinestone wheels it's best (in my opinion) to buy them all at once because some sellers might offer you combined shipping rates and cheaper discounts. It's ok to negotiate with them!

I made these about a year ago. Super simple to do. Rainbow - Glitter French - Flowers.

After exams I'll take individual pictures of my nail polishes. There's approximately 40 bottles so far :)

Good morning/afternoon/night everyone..



  1. How pretty the nails look. I like the pearl rainbow one the best. I see you have the fimo fruits and flowers. I was going to order them but I didn't think I would use that many. They are cute though.

  2. Hey Lucy!

    Thanks that rainbow one actually took me almost 20 minutes to do! It looked nice on it's own but it would've been way too weird looking if I did a whole set on my hands haha. I like the fimo too! I'm going to do a mani with the fruit pieces soon. If you like it I can send you some for you to try! I have way too much fruits and flowers anyways. Let me know if you're interested xx

  3. You have a nice collection och nail stuff there! Those designs you've made are so pretty! I'm a big fan of colours so the rainbow really got to me. :)

  4. Hi Alexlyndra!

    Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. I'll try to post more pictures of nail art when I get a chance. My exams are coming soon so I'm cramming a bit but once that's done I'll be posting a lot more.. hopefully :) That design was actually quite simple so definitely give it a try! Let me know how you go if you do decide to try it out xx