Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi everyone!

My name is Joyce and I'm currently residing in Sydney Australia. I grew up in Toronto Canada and moved to Sydney Australia 3 years ago. I'm a student at Sydney University but I will be graduating this year (yay). I love all foods! Oh yeah, I'm also a huge nail polish/nail art addict!

I've recently started to feed my addiction and I'm currently taking a nail hobby course at Le-M Nail Design. My teacher's name is Megumi and she's an educator for CND (Creative Nail Design). I've been a huge fan of some lovely ladies with nail blogs for quite a while now and I must say I read their blogs and check for updates religiously. Some of my favourites are..

Mini Nail Blog
My Manicure
Nail Juice
Getcha Nails Did

..just to name a few. I have more than 20 nail blogs favourited on IE!

Since starting my nail hobby course I've learned a few lessons and I thought it would be great to share with every nail lover out there. I'll try my best to update whenever I have any helpful suggestions and also I'll try to take as many step-by-step pictures as possible.

I hope to make some new friends through this blog so if you do read these posts please tell me a bit about yourself so we can be more acquainted. Hope to see you all soon!

PS. Meeka says hi :)



  1. I am so about the cute dogs!!! Nice blog, I've added you to my bookmarks. I'll be checking in on you!!! Want to check out mine?

  2. Your dog is adorable. I've always loved polish. Since reading all the blogs my collection has grown. I have so many untried polishes. I could change everyday and still not run out of different colors for a long time. I'm trying not to buy anymore. It's not working though!

  3. Haha.. Meeka says Thank You! Lucy I know exactly how you feel! I'm like that too and honestly even though sometimes I feel like I should really stop buying all this nail stuff I think to myself I'll just buy more nail polish and less clothes! I always thought that your nails was another way of expressing yourself so I think it's definitely worth it :)