Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hello :)

As I mentioned in my introductory post I had recently started taking a class called the Nail Art Hobby Course. So far my super nice teacher Megumi has taught me how to file, buff, shine, and paint my nails 'the right way' (according to her methods) and I've also learned how to do mini manicures. This class is super fun for me because she let's me flex my creativity. I had a class last thursday and i got to experience hand painted nail art. I actually had a lot of fun painting cute flowers and hearts and stars and my boyfriend even painted a Hello Kitty! (he bummed around the class while I was finishing up). Hand painting was actually easier than I thought it would be..

Base Coat - Glitter french - Hand painted white rose - Top coat.

Practice makes perfect so I've been practicing at home too! NOTE* Whenever you hand paint nail art it's best to use acrylic paint because it's easier to control and achieves better looking results but be sure to add a top coat because if you don't your precious designs will just wash away with water.

I have my own little construction paper at home and I've just been constantly drawing roses, lilies, and the super simple 6 'dot' flower (basically all you have to do is dot your paper with paint in the shape of a little flower). It's really fun :)

PS. I bought my newbie brushes and acrylic paints at a dollar store here in Sydney called Hot Dollar. Try it out!



  1. How nice to have a course like that. Your rose is really pretty. Can't wait to see what else you'll come up with.

  2. Hi Lucy

    I think it's the best course for me because it's not a total commitment to Nail Technology but at the same time it covers a lot of it and it's simple and fun! I want to try a hello kitty face for my next design. We'll see how it goes :)