Monday, June 8, 2009

5: Test nail

Hi Everyone!

Today was a public holiday so I just stayed home with the family. My boyfriend and I were going to go to the shopping mall for a little while but it was kinda cold and we just couldn't be bothered (also he had just finished his night audit shift so he was dead tired) He's going to work again soon so now he's taking a quick power nap. I got bored doing nothing and I really didn't feel like cleaning my room so I decided to try my own version of a nail design. I'm sad to say this but the results came out abysmal :( I think I used the wrong sized rhinestones. I didn't actually want to use a lot because I wasn't making this my official manicure so I didn't want to waste a lot of jewels. Anyways here's my take. What do you guys think? Should've used bigger and more rhinestones?

Base coat - 3 coats of OPI's Light My Sapphire - Rhinestones in crystal squares and circles - Top coat. Please excuse the other unpainted nails in the picture I just wanted to try out this design on one of my nails first.

Believe it or not but THIS was my inspiration! These nails look so lavish and chic but mine unfortunately are nothing compared to this. Oh well I'll just try it again next time :) Practice makes perfect!

PS. I wanted to say hi to Kaybee from Kaybee was my first comment and I think that makes her pretty special :D

PPS. I also want to send a big virtual hug out to Brooke from She kindly featured my newbie blog on her super awesome nail blog. Thanks again Brooke :))

PPPS. Lastly I want to say a quick HI! to the great people who have been coming here to follow my blog, read my posts, and leave comments for me to read. I will read all the comments and reply back I promise! Aww so much love :))) (<-- a happy face with triple the chins means I am totally ecstatic)



  1. hiiiiiiiiiiii omgggg finally an aussie and from sydney too yayyyyyyy loving ur stuff hun keep up the greattttt work i was beginning to think i was the only aussie into nail art yay take care =)

  2. Hi Skye!

    You're from Sydney too?! That's great.. we can exchange nail polish and nail art tips yay :)
    Do you have a blog too? I'd love to see your nail art. I'll try to update regularly and include some tips and places to get cheap nail stuff for Aussies in Sydney so when I find anything new I'll be sure to let you know xx

  3. Hi ! Now you have a new folower :-) I found your blog on Brooke's blog and I wish you lots of luck and fun here in your blog !
    And this mani you did is beautiful, and I think you used the right size and amount of rhinestones :-)

  4. Hi Tuli :)

    Your comment is soo sweet thanks for commenting and checking out the nail art! Now that I look at the nail again I think it's actually OK because my nails are smaller and shorter than the ones in the magazine lol. I was reading through your blog and your pictures look great! PS. Your husband is so sweet you're one lucky girl xx (it's 5am in Sydney now so I better go to sleep lol.. talk to you again soon!)

  5. Hey Joyce itz skye ye i have a blog itz
    ye itz so hard to find nail art stuff in sydney i dont think its really reached here yet,ive been to you know 'gloss' there bys line put out a fiew brushes and rhinstones but the brushes were awful and the rhinestones look very plasticy,i get most of my stuff off ebay and most of my polishes are from the chemist or priceline hehehe so good to talk to a aussie coz u know all the shops its harder with a american coz there always saying 'sally' and 'sephora' etc hehehehe anyway joyce thats so cool my middle name is joyce lol but ye hope you have a greattttt day take care =)

  6. Hi Skye!

    I know I get most of the rhinestones and glitter from Ebay too! But for the polishes there's actually a GREAT place in bankstown that sells opi and china glaze and essie and other stuff for cheaaaaap! I bought OPI there last time and each bottle was only $9! You should check it out it's called ProNail Supply or something like that. They give you discounts if you buy lots lol xx

  7. Hey Joyce! Thanks for the shoutout! You get waaaay more comments than I do....but it's so cool I was the first one. I win! Your blog is great! I love trying to make something look like something else. I think you did a fine job. In fact, yours looks a little safer than your inspiration. I would be full of lacerations if I wore that!

  8. Kaybee!

    Hiii. Your comment made me giggle haha. Now that I look at it a bit more I think it's ok for my length of nail cause in the original design their fake nails were so much longer! I have a book full of these cute designs so after my exams will be experimenting time :)
    Actually I broke 2 of my nails today while I was cleaning up my room so I guess I won't have any fun nail posts in a while but I will be showing how I do my own manicures! Gotta get back to studying now I'll talk to you again soon xx

  9. I love the design you made. Really pretty. I think the gems are just perfect. If you had them any bigger I think it would over power your nails.

  10. Hi Lucy!

    Now that you said that I totally agree. After I thought I failed I took a look at the inspiration picture and noticed that the fake nails were so much longer than my natural ones. I'm liking it so next time hopefully I'll do a full set.. maybe for a special occassion :p ..Thanks for your opinion xx

  11. this look is pretty much amazing. j'adore!

  12. Thanks Kellie!

    This was super simple and it took me less than 2 minutes per nail!! You should definitely try it out sometime. All you have to do is choose your base colour and throw some random rhinestones on there and voila! I hope to see pictures if you do decide to try out this design xx