Saturday, January 30, 2010

95: Valentines day nails #3

Hi Blogger Friends :)

I just wanted to post another one of my Valenetines day nails for you all to see. Again for this one I went with the cutesy style. Hope you guys like it!

Here are the products I used..

L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Baby Pink and Black and China Glaze's White-Kwik-Silvr.

IBD's Monomer and Bright White Polymer.

Multicoloured pearls and Silver bullion beads.

First you want to creating the overall look of this design. I knew that I wanted a reverse french and verticle lines. I ended up using L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Baby Pink and Black for the verticle lines and decided that I would use Baby Pink again for the remaining reverse french semi-oval.

It looked very weird having the pink join to gether in the previous picture so I added 2mm irredescent pearls to the reverse smile line.

Afterwards I decided to sculpt a large heart from IBD's Acrylics to give it more of a cutesy look.

To finish it off I added a coat of China Glaze's White-Kwik-Silvr to the 3d heart and used silver bullion beads to give it an outline.

Easy and cute no? :)

PS. Near the end of 2009 as some of you know I went for a 1 month vacation back to Toronto and China. During this 1 to 1.5 months on the road I had to take 8 flights in total. By the end of my trip I vowed to never take an airplane for as long as I live. Unfortunately that didn't go well because I'm actually going to celebrate my birthday this year in Gold Coast with my boyfriend. Anyways.. I love Failblog and I found this funny video of a janitor cleaning the moving sidewalk. Honestly when I was waiting for one of my transfers in HKIA I actually saw something similar to this and it was hilarious! Take a look see :)



  1. That is a lovely design, you are so creative!

  2. that heart is so cute, love it :-)

  3. I loved your valentine's day nail art! You've much talent!!!

  4. This is very pretty! YAY for Valentine's Day!

    I tagged you :)

  5. Hi Gildedangel!

    I'm so happy you like all the Valentines day looks xx :)

  6. Hi Michèle

    Thank you so much! Have you tried sculpting before? It's easy once you practice a few times xx :D

  7. Hi Camila!

    Thank you so much for your comment *blushes* :D
    I'm glad you like these designs xx

  8. Hello yardsticks 4 lunatics :)

    I love your user name! Thank you so much for your tag I feel so honoured *blushes* I'm really glad you like my blog :D