Sunday, January 24, 2010

87: Zoya swatches

Hellooo :)

Back in August I went to the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo. While I was there I picked up Zoya's Twist collection for $42AUD which is supposedly half price! This collection came out a looong time ago I think back in Spring 2009 and I'm pretty sure everybody's familiar with it. Sorry for not swatching sooner but I finally had time to play around with these polishes tonight so I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane.. (These pictures were all taken with flash)

Cassi, Barbie, Moxie, Malia, Jo, and Harley.

This is 3 coats of Harley. Harley is so pretty you really don't expect it to be this colour. I thought it would be darker.

This is 3 coats of Barbie. Barbie speaks for itself. This is definitely a Barbie pink but not really my cup of tea.

This is 3 coats of Zoya's Cassi. Cassi is a bit sheer but it's very pretty and girly. I think Cassi is a bit better for my skin tone than Barbie.

This is 2 coats of Jo. Jo looks more subdued and definitely not as shimmery in person. It looks to me as more of a grey-blue colour combo.

This is 2 coats of Malia. MMM purple creme-y goodness :D

This is 2 coats of Zoya's Moxie. Moxie looks more red-purple like a raspberry in real life.

I'll try to be back soon with some more gel nail samples :)

PS. I cleaned my room today and it took me 5 hours (seriously) but I'm pretty sure it'll be trashed again within the end of this week :/



  1. I loved Cassi, malia and moxie! Unfortunately i don't find zoya here in brazil! Your room is very beautiful and organizated.

  2. great haul,
    and nice restful room.. =)

  3. wow, your room looks great! Barbie is one of my favorite :) sorry you don't love it. I also love Malia. Moxie looks fun!

  4. Malia is gorgeous! I'm wearing a cream purple today for the first time and decided that I need more, they are so awesome. My room is always a mess too, but even when I do get it "spotless" it doesn't look half as good as your room does!

  5. I love your room! I have to share my room with my husband, so it's always ugly, haha. :D

  6. Hi Camilla :)

    Aww thanks for your comment. I looove this collection. I think they definitely came out with some good ones. My favourite is Harley but Malia and Moxie are my 2nd and 3rd! Too bad they don't sell Zoya there in Brazil. Have you tried the online retailers? I can't find Zoya in the Australian stores but there is a website called Art Of Beauty which sells to Australians. I'll try to do a search and see if there are any online retailers for you xx

  7. Hi Mae (from Art of Nail)

    Thank you I love these colours! I spent so much time cleaning haha I was so excited I just had to share. My furniture is from IKEA so if you ever want to redecorate you know where you can browse :p

  8. Hi Gildedangel!

    Thaaank you I really love this collection too! Aren't the colours to pretty? It's summer here in Australia and these polish colours match well with some of my summer clothes :D

  9. Hi Brooke <3

    I actually love the colour of Barbie but for someone who has a slight olive skin tone it didn't look as nice as I thought it would. I bet it looks amazing on lighter or darker skin toned girls. I'm just right in between haha xx

  10. Hi Get Nailed (sorry I don't know your real name)

    Thanks for all your comments! I'm so into purple cremes right now the colour is just so happy and great for summer. I love your polish swatches and Grape pop looks so delicious mmm. I'm dying to get the Up & Away collection but I don't think they have it here in Sydney. As for your room I'm sure that if you wanted to redecorate you would be able to make it beautiful! I don't like clutter so I put a lot of my garbage in those IKEA paper boxes. I have about 4 that I'm using at the moment and they're great for little knick knacks :)

  11. Hi Asami! <3

    Ughh I know what you mean. My boyfriend moved in with me so I have his stuff everywhere! He had the ugliest furniture so I made him throw it out haha. I'm pretty lucky because I get to make my room the way I want but I still gave him a little space in my closet and the rest he had to put in suitcases which we then stored in the wine cellar hahah. I'm sure if you if you keep your husband distracted for a few hours you can decorate and have a nice girly room too :D

  12. Haha! He travels for work so maybe one of these trips he'll come back to a cuter room. :D

  13. Asami :)

    I hope you do. It would be funny to see his reaction. He most likely will make it yucky again (my boyfriend does that too) but hey he's gotta leave for work again sooner or later right?! muahaha xx