Thursday, January 28, 2010

92: Valentines day nails #1

Hi Girls

I don't know why but I'm really into writing step by step posts lately. Let me know if it annoys you lol. My friend Teresa's been reading my blog lately so I just wanted to say a quick HI DUMBDUMB :) She's funny random sometimes but I still love her!

So Valentines day is coming up soon and I just thought it would be fun to show you guys some Valentines themed nail designs. I had to cut my nails super short so that's why I haven't been swatching as much but I will soon I promise. I still have so many colours to share with you. I hope you guys like this one. I think it's quite cute and it's very simple.. which I love.

Here are the products I used to create this look.

First I painted on a white base colour with 3 coats of OPI's Alpine Snow.

While I waited for the white base colour to dry I took my 1/4" and 1/8" heart shaped Fiskars Hand Punches and punched out a design on to a piece of double sided tape. When you're working with the double sided tape you want to remove most (not all) of the stickyness. I just tapped my finger against the tape over and over again. This is important because if it's very sticky, when it comes time to remove the tape you'll remove the white base as well.

Now that you have your non-sticky double sided tape go ahead and press it onto the white nail you have previously prepared. You can place it anywhere and any way you like. After the tape is secured to the nail go ahead and paint in the colours of your hearts. Remember to remove your heart stencil right away after you have applied colour to the design. Don't wait for it to dry. I've found that if you leave it on for too long then when it comes time for removal parts of the heart will come off too. This pink is just 1 generous coat of China Glaze's Preppy Pink.

Keep on adding 1/4" and 1/8" hearts until you're happy with the look. Along with China Glaze's Preppy Pink I also used China Glaze's Electric Lilac.

Here's what the finished product looks like. I filled in the rest of the nail with mini hearts in alternating Preppy Pink and Electric Lilac colours. I think this look is a good alternative to the usual red/pink nails we see all the time :)

For some extra sparkle I added a thin coat of OPI's Happy Anniversary! to complete the look.

I'll be posting oher Valentine nails so check back later!

Meeka naping on a fresh summer afternoon. Mmm napping.. :)



  1. This is super cute! The pink and purple look awesome over white. :]

  2. Hi Gildedangel

    Thank you <3 I'll try to have other designs up soon!

  3. Hi Technopathetic <3

    I LOVE YOUR USER NAME! Thank you so much. I looove the China Glaze Glitters! xx

  4. Hi Asami!

    Thank you :) I'm going to be checking your blog religiously for your updates hahah. Are you making any Valentine themed nails? xx

  5. Yeah, definitely. I'm really excited. I've made a few so far, but I'm trying to get enough for another "Mix & Match" set so I'll probably post in really early February. Thanks so much for asking! :)

  6. Hi Asami!

    Yay I can't wait to see your post. I love your mix and match ideas. Between you and me I think having all your fingers painted an intricate design is a bit over the top lol :)

  7. I love step by steps! Please don't stop doing these. This is so simple and cute, too. Great idea with the heart puncher.

  8. that's so cute! And Meeka is adorable. "only" 3,5 weeks until my little bolonka puppy becomes a new member of our family:)

  9. Happy Feet - I LOVE YOU TOO!

  10. ohmigosh i love this. its so quaint and not gaudy like most vday nails can be.

  11. this is sooo cute! seriously adorable :)