Thursday, January 7, 2010

81: Swatches

Hi Everyone :)

I wasn't going to do this until a few days later so I wouldn't seem like such a big loser to my friend Julia. She placed an order from Transdesign and I managed to get 14 polishes in total from her. She made the order about a month ago right before I left for my vacation. I finally saw her today after so long (WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO CHILL MORE) and she handed me my stash along with a very cute pair of Peter Alexander slippers (YAY). Anyways I didn't want to swatch these colours so soon because then it would be obvious that my life had been consumed by nail polishes. But who are we kidding here? I contemplated for a good 20 minutes before I caved in and swatched the China Glaze Glitters and Loves You Snow Much collection :D I know it's been out for a while now but I've waited so long for these and I'm very excited to show you my own swatches!

These are all 3 coats from the China Glaze Glitters. I think there are 50 glitters in total but these 4 were my must haves!

This picture was taken with flash. From left to right: Sour Apple, Preppy Pink, Electric Lilac, and Blue Hawaiian.

These were all 3 coats from China Glaze's Loves You Snow Much collection.

This picture was taken with flash. From left to right: Tinsel, Emerald Sparkle, 5 Golden Rings, and Ruby Pumps.

I'm so happy to finally have Emerald Sparkle! I love it so much and I'm glad that I placed an order for 2! I have a few more swatches to share with you guys including Essie's Sweet Time Of The Year collection which includes Essie's Lollipop, Rock Candy, and Mint Candy Apple :)




  1. I loved love love all these polishes !!! They are all so beautiful and....happy :-)))

  2. Hi Tuli <3

    I love all these polishes too! The colours make me super happy haha. I'm reading your blog and I'm super jealous! I want to travel to the US too! xx

  3. Hello Gildedangel :)

    Thank you. They apply very well too. China Glaze formulas are great! xx