Monday, January 25, 2010

88: Purple creme comparison

Hi Girls

First things first. I'm totally obsessed with an online game called QQ Farm. Similar to MSN Messenger Chinese people have an instant messaging program called Tencent QQ. Since my boyfriend is still in China and it's hard for him to go on MSN I decided to download the English version of QQ. For the first couple of weeks the only reason why I would log on is to talk to him but my cousin who just got back from China asked me to play QQ Farm with her.

This is my farm. I'm at level 5 so therefore I only 7 squares of land and not a lot of money.

This is my cousin Kristy's farm. Look at all those squares!

Kristy even has a barn!!! All the animals look so cute :D

Now the only problem with this game is that it's all in Chinese and my Google translator wasn't able to pick up the translations. I don't know how to read or write Chinese but my cousin gave me a quick tutorial and stayed with me for a few hours while I settled in. Let me tell you this game is crazy addictive! It's sad to say this but the highlight of my day is to play this game and sometimes even when my boyfriend messages me I don't reply to him right away because I'm too busy with farming. I think Facebook's Farmville is the english version of QQ Farm but trust me it's NOT the same. It's no where as fun or exciting as this farming game. So the objective is to take care of your farm and steal crops such as vegetables, fruits and even cactuses from your fellow QQ friends' farms. Now the only problem is that I only have 5 QQ friends so I don't get to advance to high levels easily. People with more friends like my cousin has already reached level 20 within 2 months of playing. Sadly I'm still at level 5. Anyways the idea is that you have to plant seeds and there are specific crops you can plant for the level you are at. Also each seed has a set time to grow. The least amount of time for crops to mature is 8 hours and because of the time difference I find myself stay up until 5am to steal other users crops. After you steal their crops you can sell it at the market and use the money you make to buy more seeds to plant in your own farm. Come to think of it there's really nothing GREAT about this game it's just the adrenaline of stealing your friends' corn or lettuce. I'm trying to stay away from the game by doing more polish swatches but it's hard to quit cold turkey :p Let me know if you play too so I can add you and steal your crops!

Okay so anyways I was swatching Zoya's Malia last night I thought that this colour looked extremely familiar and today while I was cleaning my closet I found OPI's Do You Lilac It?. No wonder I thought that I had seen this colour before. Do You Lilac It? was one of my favourite colours so I decided to do a swatch and see if they were the same.

In the bottle they look very familiar but once I swatched it onto my fingers it seems like Zoya's Malia is a bit darker than OPI's Do You Lilac It?.

Anyways I finished cleaning the rest of my room today. It took me forever to organize my closet. My cousin and I are Spring cleaning this week so that's why I'm so organized.

Luckily my closet has sliding glass doors so when I need to I can hide my clutter. Closets are the best aren't they? :D

A little dose of Meeka..

My dog had watermelon as a treat tonight and fell asleep in her new tent (from IKEA!) I think she was tired from all the tricks she had to perform for her treat :)



  1. Meeka is so cute! Great comparison!

  2. Hi Gildedangel (sorry I don't know your real name)

    Aww thank you! Meeka's blushing :) When I saw Malia I was a bit disappointed that the colour in the bottle was very similar to Do You Lilac It? but luckily there's still a bit of difference.. at least I feel a bit better now xx

  3. I thought they looked similar when I first got Malia too! I'm more of a fan of Do You Lilac It - my bottle is nearly half empty and I've only used Malia once :( Meeka is ADORABLE!!

  4. Hi Brooke!

    I know what you mean I've been a huge fan of Do You Lilac It? but you know what I really can't choose because they're both so pretty! Maybe since you're almost out of Do You Lilac It? you can start showing Malia some love :) Meeka is this blog's furry mascot haha.

  5. AHAHA this game sounds more like FB's Barn Buddy instead of Farmville. Its exactly the same concept XD

  6. Hana!

    You lucky girl I wanted to get a little PSP too but I have the regular one and it hasn't died on me yet :( I'M SO ADDICTED TO THIS GAME it's crazy. I'm going to have to check out this Barn Buddy you speak of. OH MY GOD.. I have to let you know.. remember the package I sent you?


    It turns out that it didn't pass customs in the US so they returned it. I'm going to try sending it to you as a gift this time. I'll mail it out tomorrow <3