Wednesday, January 6, 2010

80: Konad and glitters

Hi :)

I just wanted to share a quick post with you guys today. I ordered some image plates from Kathleen at OC Nail Art and they came super quickly! I love OC Nail Art because Kathleen is really nice and they have a wide variety of Konad products. I got 5 in total which are M56, M57, M70, M71, and S9. I actually already had M56 but I didn't realize until I recieved it today. I guess I'll just give that to my friend. She was the one who introduced Konad to me :)

Also I tried mixing my own glitter acrylics today and I think they came out pretty nicely. What do you guys think?

I bought these glitters a while ago because I thought they were glitter acrylic powder but anyways I just mixed in 5 scoops of clear powder and 1 scoop of glitter. Shake like crazy and wahlaa. Glitter acrylic powders :D

I'm hoping to get some rest tonight because I'm starting Bikram Yoga tomorrow. Have you guys tried it? Did you like the experience?



  1. Wow, those turned out really great! I especially like the pink one.

  2. Thanks Asami!

    You use acrylics too don't you? You should really give this a try. It's so easy to do :D

  3. Hi Skye!

    I love them they're so glittery :D

  4. hi, just found your blog recently :) where do you get the acrylic glitters from? they are so pretty!

  5. Hi Caitlin :D

    I made these glitters myself. It's really easy to do! I read in your blog that you ordered all sorts of glitter right? Well you can make your own glitter acrylic powders too! All you need is clear acrylic powder and the glitter of your choice. I used 5 parts clear acrylic powder and 1 part glitter. Just add them together in a little container and shake like crazy. After shaking you can test it out and see if you like the colours. If it's not as glittery as you'd hope then go ahead and add more glitter. For me personally I find that 5 to 1 works well. I hope you give it a try and let me know if it works out for you xx

  6. hi joyce! thanks! i havent used any of my nail products yet, waiting for the weekend (and my electric drill to come in) :) i love nail art and glitters!

  7. Hi Caitlin

    Hahah I bought an electric drill last week too! Did you get most of your stuff from Ebay? There's also this site called BF Beauty which sells affordable nail art products. They're definitely not brand names but they work just as well :) When you do start you should update regularly and show us your nail art designs ok? xx