Saturday, January 2, 2010

78: Rainy day swatches and nail art products

Hi Girls :)

It was raining today here in Sydney so I stayed home and played with my nails. Also I wanted to show you guys what I got overseas. My swatches are so random. I don't really catagorize swatches by colour or brand so even I get confused sometimes. Here are the 2 that I had done for today.

This is 3 coats of Orly's Green With Envy taken with flash. I actually really love this colour. It looks so nice and fresh. It's a very nice shade of green.

This picture is taken with flash. I used 4 coats of OPI's And This Little Piggy... This polish is a sheer so it also looks great over other oqaue colour.

Here are a few of the nail art products I got.

I found these medium and large sized set diamontes at the dollar store here in Sydney. I think they would look really cool in some of the new nail art samples I'm making.

My stepmom and I went to SaSa to buy nail polish for my sister. While I was there I found Swarovski rhinestones, clear spangles and a few nail stickers. I really like the lace ones. So pretty :)

When I'm in Hong Kong there is always that one store for anything and everything. My go to store is Muji. I bought these stackable containers for $18HKD each. There great for storing the little spangles and rhinestones I bought from SaSa!

I found this at the Beauty Warehouse store in China. They're little molds to make 3D nail art. I usually like to sculpt everything but this is very handy to use. I also bought a snowflake one but I think it got lost when I was cleaning up my room :(

Also, my friend Teresa went to Japan for 2 weeks and she picked up some really cute things for me!

These are so pretty! I've always wanted to find colourful mini spangles like these ones :)

This is a pack of different sized AB style acrylic rhinestones.

A sheet of 3D nail art stickers with ice creams and candies.

And my favourite of all. She picked up an electric nail file!

I'm super lucky to have someone like her because on top of everything else she got me a pack of Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty films!!!

I'll be sure to have more swatches up for you guys soon :)

PS. I just wanted to share something else that's not nail related but HK related..

Hello Kitty lipblam. Aww :D



  1. I love that first color you swatched; it is really beautiful!

  2. Hi Gildedangel :)

    Isn't that green beautiful? It's an Orly polish and I don't usually buy Orlys but I guess from now on that'll have to change ;p

  3. Hi Asami!

    Awesome goodies indeed! I was very lucky to get these cool gifts from Japan :)