Thursday, January 14, 2010

84: Colour gels

Hello Girlies :)

I recently placed an order for 2 dozen coloured gels and acrylic flowers online and the wonderful delivery man brought my package to me this morning! I haven't tested out the quality of the gels yet but I'm quite happy with the colours. I ordered 2 sets. The first set is the solid opaque colour gels and the second are the fairy dust glitter colour gels. What do you guys think? I really like the glittery colours.

This picture was taken with flash. This is the Solid Opaque Colours Gel set. My only wish was to have more darker colours like a royal blue or a black but this is still good :)

This picture was taken with flash. This is the Fiary Dust Glitter Gel set. I love glitters!

This is one of my many nail art storage boxes. I got this plastic box at a dollar store for around $2AUD I think. Along with the gels I had also placed an order for all the nail art you see in here. I got dried flowers and acrylic flowers with little rhinestone in the center. They're very cute! (the spangles on the top left corner were from my friend Teresa)

And here is a picture that was supposed to be my NOTD before the gel nails. Sorry I just got so excited I forgot to update haha.

These pictures were taken with flash. I used OPI's Baby It's Coal Outside and China Glaze's Tinsel for this look.



  1. Cant wait to see what you ll do with gels. I am thinking to learn how to make acrylics nail myself.
    Are you going to just pout gel on your naturals, or you are going for the whole set of artificial nail?
    Colors looks really cool

  2. Hi Liza :D

    I like using gels because the colour lasts longer than polishes. I'm most likely going to use it for nail art samples as well as overlays and extentions. I think it'll depend on what I feel like doing that day haha :) Good luck with your acrylics! xx

  3. Wow! The gel collections are so lovely!! Are they soak offs?

  4. oooh joyce the gels are so pretty! where did u get them online? i wish we had ikea in Hawaii!! i could use that storage for my makeup!

  5. Hi Angie!

    Lol I wish they were soak offs! But since I'm a newbie at gels I decided to get a cheap set. They do take quite a bit of effort to remove but when my techniques get better I think I will invest in soak off gels :)

  6. Hey Caitlin!

    Did you get all your nail supplies? Yup I got all the gels on ebay! Shipping was free which made everything so much nicer haha. I got them from a seller called may-theaps. You can always just search colour gels on ebay and see what you find :D

  7. hi joyce yes i got my nail supplied but havent had time to try them out yet.... too tired with work and my daughter :) hopefully soon! i will check out that seller. BTW thats so cool u have a fireplace in your room! Its not too cold here for us to ever need one of those :)

  8. Hi Caitlin!

    Yay I'm so excited for you lol.. It's okay just try it out whenever you do have time. Obviously I'd choose spend time with your Chole instead of playing with gels all day :p but let me know how you like to work with the gels.. I'll be checking your blog for updates :D