Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi Girls!

*Thanks to those who shared their opinions in my last post. I really appreciate your comments*

I met up with my friend Julia (who I haven't seen in a million years) and we had the best time just shopping and catching up on Thursday (Thursday is Sydney's shopping day where all the shops are opened until 9:00pm) I met her at QVB when I finished work and she surprised me with CHANEL!!! That crazy girl. I was so excited and I guessed what was in the pretty package right away haha. Julia got me 2 Limited Edition colours. Chanel's Storm and Chanel's Steel. OMG these 2 colours are so pretty! I definitely preferred Storm over Steel at first but after testing them out.. I LOVE THEM BOTH. Can you guys tell that I'm super excited? Julia told me that these 2 colours were only supposed to be released as Limited Edition colours for the SOHO Chanel store in NYC. And they haven't even been released in NYC yet! But for some crazy reason they were selling it at the Chanel cosmetics counter in Sydney. I tried them out tonight and I love it. These were both 2 coaters with a very smooth application :)

The pictures below were taken with flash..

I luuurve you Julia!

See you guys soon :)



  1. Hi Joyce! Those 2 Chanels look to die for! They look gorgeous on you :)

  2. Aww thank you KAE! Steel looks absolutely fabulous. I'll try to take some pictures in direct sunlight. I don't know why I always swatch at night :)